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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Scouting out Forest Service Sites on Lake Kookanusa

Ray and I decided to drive to several forest service sites along Lake Kookanoosa, towards Fernie, which was supposed to be our next destination. All of them were a bust for our size or too many trees so our solar would not work including Englishman Creek Rec Site and Gold Bay Rec Site. Most sites were too far from the water as well for Ray to launch his pontoon boat to fish. Bummer. I decided to stop and check out Kikoman Creek Provincial Park to see the site I booked on line and had to cancel due to the breakdown. It would have been acceptable although getting down to the lake was fairly steep so no floaty boat here either. We spent several hours checking all of this out and were glad we did as we had to come up with a plan B, especially as this is the long weekend and "there is no room at the inn!" in most cases. We were supposed to spend a month in the area. The day was tough on Ray so he was couched for the rest of the afternoon and night. Glad we went and saw instead of just showing up! Did not even take a picture!

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