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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Friday, 16 September 2016

September 9th - 15th ... Lots of running around still!

This is not the most exciting post ... mostly so I can remember next year what we did!lol

After getting back from the island Thursday afternoon we just vegged out at the motorhome. Larny, Dad's caregiver, begged us to let Freya stay overnight one more time so we picked her up Friday morning.

Friday, Ray was able to get out for a hot tub and we did some shopping for ourselves. We went back to Dad's later as Larny was making us dinner.

Saturday, was my day for housekeeping chores ... we had been so busy so I had not been able to get anything done since we arrived other than throwing in laundry in here and there.

Sunday was Larny's day off, so Ray ad I went over to Dad's about 3 pm so we could visit and cook him dinner.

Monday morning I was back at Dad's by 8:30 to pick up Larny to take her shopping to Costco and Walmart etc. Did not get back to the coach until 2 pm ... long day for Ray waiting for me to get back.

Tuesday it was off to the hairdresser for my annual highlights and cut. Rosie did a great job as usual.

Wednesday we were into Burnaby by 11 am after dropping Freya off at Dad's so we could take Ray's mom to Londsdale Quay in North Vancouver for lunch. We spent a lovely time walking through the market and then going to the Tap House for lunch. They specialize in carrying in lots of the lower mainlands craft brews. After dropping mum off we headed back to the coach for 1 1/2 hours to rest up and then went back to Dad's for dinner and retrieve our dog.

Mum sporting her new light walker that we got her for an early Christmas present.

Sea Bus heading back towards Vancouver

Thursday it was Freya's turn to see the vet for her annual check up and shots. She had been favouring her right hind foot for the past few days and for the last year on and off her left hip seemed to be sore. We had her xrayed and sure enough she has started to develop some arthritis in her left hip but no knee problems or hip dysplasia. Fortunately her arthritis is in it's early stage and we are now to give her something similar that humans take "glucosamine" only it's is a bit different for animals as it contains "cow trachea" and absorbs 60% instead of 10% with the glucosamine. $180 for 250 pills, 3 pills a day for 6 weeks and the 1-2 pills for life. Ouch! Apparently you can get something similar from Pet Smart in the states .... I will certainly be checking it out! Anyways it should hopefully prevent her from getting any more arthritis noticeably in that hip for another 2 to 3 years.

After her appointment we met up with our good friends Steve and Dianne Colibaba and brought them to the Beatnik Bistro in Fort Langley for lunch. It was great to catch up.

Tomorrow we are off to Garrett and Kat's place in Squamish for the weekend. Unfortunately the weather is supposed to be wet.

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  1. Great seeing you both! Enjoy your visit with Garrett and Kat...say hi for us!