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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Moab to Mesa Verde National Park

Friday morning we were up early again, 6 am, turned on the generator as it was cold. When we closed up the blinds last night there was only a couple of people in the row that we were in .... opened up the blinds and were shocked to see that the lot was packed. Oh well, we parked far away from everyone so the generator would not be a problem ... their loss. It was very cold and we needed to turn up the heat. I have not got out the Big Buddy and outside propane tank yet as it would be one more thing for me to set up when we move everyday. On the road shortly after 8:30 am. A short ways out of Moab, I noticed the sign for Wilson Arch. Can't believe we did not notice it last year right beside the road.

Wilson Arch
Further down the road we stopped at the Hole in the Wall Rest Area so Freya could have a walk and Ray and I a stretch. Freya was able to chase about a dozen rabbits so she loved that stop.

Hole in the Wall Rest Area
Ray and I stopped at the Walmart Supercenter in Cortez to stock up on a few groceries. We are kinda pissed at Walmarts in the States. Our debit cards (Bank of Montreal) are not working here from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and now Colorado with messages that the transaction is declined by the issuer. We called the bank (BOM) and apparently since last year Walmart's have not updated their processors to accept payments with our new technology so our debit cards are not working. Our cards do work at Costco and liquor stores etc. Sent an email to Corporate Walmart so we shall see what they have to say about it!

Also noted was that buying alcohol in Colorado is worse than Utah which has at least state liquor stores. Here in Cortez it is only small hole in the wall places with $$$ prices. I will pass. I should have bought my gin at the Washington Costco and just paid the bottle tax! Apparently New Mexico Costco's in Albuquerque do sell alcohol so I will wait to stock up then.

We arrived at Mesa Verde RV Resort by 2 pm after shopping for a while and having lunch downtown Cortez. Our home base for the next week. What a lovely park and they even have a small hot tub for Ray. Freya enjoys the dog area which is a huge pasture. Ray even managed to scare up 5 stags (bucks) so he will see if he can get pictures of them later on. We are looking forward to exploring the area before carrying on. This has has been on Ray's bucket list for the past 4 years.


  1. Can't wait to see your pictures from this area....and the big bucks!

    1. Too bad there are "NO HUNTING" signs posted all around the perimeter of the campsite. lol