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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

La Posa South, Quartzsite to Jan 10th

Saturday morning we woke to clouds and very cool temps. Spent most of the day inside to stay warm. Fortunately by 2 pm the clouds went away and the temps warmed up just in time for Steve and Dianne's Happy Hour. Quite a few old friends and new friends showed up.

Starting on the left with Susan (standing), Ruth, Dale, Sue, Les, Steve (and Nancy are friends of Allen and Donna's), Allen, me, Ray, Deb, Barb, Jim, Guy, Donna and Nancy...

Sunday we took Dianne and Steve with us to view a few new fifth wheels and then it was lunch at Beer Bellies. They even had live entertainment. It was a good thing we got there early as when we left the place was pretty packed.  We strolled along a little of the Tyson Wells vendor stalls to work off lunch and then back home to relax for the rest of the afternoon. A great few hours spent with great friends!

The Happiest Place in Quartzsite!
Later that afternoon Steve and Dianne came over for a campfire and our neighbours, Tina and Marty, came over as well to enjoy our fire. They contacted us through RVillage, not knowing we were right beside each other!  As you can see it was quite a bit cooler at 4 pm than at lunch at Beer Belly's.

Steve, Dianne and I

from the right: Marty, Tina, me Dianne and Steve

Monday, January 9th, we decided to have a New Year's celebration with Dianne and Steve ... they missed New Year's wallydocking in Anderson, CA and I was ill and did not stay at the party at Casa Grande.

First up was drinks outside enjoying the sunshine that finally broke through the clouds for the first time today, while I monitored the roast beast on the BBQ. We moved inside as the wind picked up and started off with champagne to toast the New Year.

Happy New Year!

Aunty Di you are strangling me holding me so tight, not!
That's better.

Dinner started off with shrimp cocktail and more champagne. Next course was the roast beef, yorkshire puddings, roasted herb potatoes and sauteed peas, carrots and pearl onions in a honey butter sauce enjoyed with a bottle of Merlot compliments of Dianne and Steve.

After we were fully stuffed it was time for apple pie and ice cream (Dianne's contribution) and accompanied by Rum Chata.

Nope not feeling any pain!

Now that we all were fed and well watered it was time to dance. Dianne and I danced for probably an hour and a half with Steve and Ray managing a dance or two. Thanks for the great music Ray. I had saved my New Year's Crown for Dianne to wear. We had the tambourine out and my "egg shakers" so all of us could participate. I think Steve thought we were all nuts !!!! but I had fed him enough of my beer that I think he really did not mind dancing... he certainly was having a good time laughing at us though.

Dancing so fast the camera could not catch it all!

We all managed to make it to 9 pm (12 am in New York) and off they stumbled home. I hope they feel okay tomorrow as they have a quad ride planned! (Spoke to them Tuesday morning ... everyone feels fine surprisingly. It must have been all of the dancing we did.)

Tuesday, Jan 10th was stock up the fridge day so off I went for the 35 mile drive into Parker. Shopped at Walmart and Safeway and was back home by 1:30 ... a three hour tour. After putting the groceries away we had a quiet afternoon. It was too breezy outside to sit. Ray was couched for the day as the couple of dances the night before finished him, but he said it was soooo worth it to feel like "himself as he used to be" for a couple of hours. After cooking all day yesterday my kitchen was closed! I brought home barbecued chicken wings from Safeway for dinner. lol

Last night's sunset.


  1. Looks like you had a round of Amber Bock at Beer Belly's! The New Years dance looked like fun, we saw your rig rocking and now know what was going on!

  2. Thanks for that awesome meal and fabulous evening. We had a blast!