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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Quartzsite Happenings continued, Jan 18-21

January 18th

Wednesday I was up bright and early and off by 7:30 to do our mountains of laundry ... 7 double loads. 2 1/2 hours later after stopping to pick up some dessert and garlic bread for Dianne's dinner tonight, it was back home to hang some of the laundry on Dianne's laundry line. The sun was out and very little wind. I was starved as I had not eaten anything yet so Ray took me to Silly Al's Pizza for lunch where we shared a ham and pineapple pizza. Yummm. Back at camp it was time to help Ray cleaning the Maxi-Air vents.

Once that was done I made the potsticker appetizer I had planned for the Happy Hour at Jim and Barb's before dinner at Dianne and Steve's. It was 3 pm before I got a chance to sit down and enjoy the day. Our neighbours Marty and Tina came over for a quick visit to pick our brains on sunshades etc. They are new full-timers.

Soon it was 4 pm so we said goodbye to Marty and Tina and off we went to Jim and Barb's Happy Hour with our contribution of potstickers. Great visiting with them and their friends.

Left to right around the circle...Barb, Dave, Steve, Deb, Jim, Ray, Harry (poor Vicki is still next door working) and Maxine...

By 5:30 it was time to come back home and put everything away outside as rain was expected overnight before going to Steve and Dianne's for dinner. Dinner was a little later than Dianne had planned due to the Happy Hour but was no problem as we all had a few snacks anyways. Your lasagna was great as usual Dianne ... thanks a bunch.

So you can see, our Quartzsite time is very busy visiting, sightseeing etc. Hardly a day goes by that you are not meeting up with someone. Great fun. Days just fly by and it is hard to remember what you did day to day hence my blog/journal.

Thursday was baking day as it was cloudy and windy. Since the clouds prevented any solar charging I like to make the diesel use worth it so I made bread, cookies for Ray and Slow Cooker turkey thighs for dinner. Of course that meant a lot of dishes were done too. We did manage to get out for a short walk in the afternoon when the sun managed to peek out. Otherwise it was a quiet TV day which was good for Ray to not do too much and give his back a dayoff. By 8pm the wind was back up so the dish was down and we watched some pre-recorded programs.

Friday Dianne and I left "Q" at 9 am and headed to Parker for my weekly grocery shopping trip. We wanted to get there and back before the promised winds picked up this afternoon with some showers. After doing our shopping we stopped at the Crossroads Cafe and shared a French Dip sandwich for lunch. We arrived back at camp by 1:30. It sure was much windier here than in Parker. Glad we beat the storm. At 3:30 Dianne and Steve came over to watch Trump's innaguaration that I had taped. We had a couple of drinks and a few laughs and they departed at 5:30. The weather had become increasingly worse with rain and lots of wind. Probably 25 miles an hour with gusts to 40. Needless to say the dish was down and we watched a movie instead. In bed early as "no TV!". The rain was forecast to stop by 10:30 and it did. I was a little concerned as we are in a bit of a wash but we were fine. It blew all night rattleling the slide toppers which Freya certainly did not like.

Saturday morning we woke to sunny skies but still windy although it is now southwest rather than southeast so the satelitte dish is okay. The big RV show starts this morning but I think we will wait a few days before visiting to miss the big crowd. Our tanks are full after lasting 20 days so we'll have to find a time that the sani-dump is slow today instead of waiting in a line-up with 20 or more RV's.

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