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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Pismo Beach, CA March 6 - 9

It was definitely cooler overnight with all of the wind but we woke to another glorious sunny day with the wind only at about 5mph. Not a big panic to get going as it is only a 2  1/2 hour run up to Pismo Beach. Also if there is someone at the gatehouse you cannot get into the park until 2pm apparently.

Well ....... the campsite we were going to, the North Beach Campground was closed, so we went to the Oceana Campground down the road, we did not really fit and could not get permission to park until after 2 pm. (it was 11:30) We had heard about another campground a short way down the road towards town called the Pismo Coast Village campground so we pulled in and managed to get in on their mid week special ... pay for 3 get 1 night free. Regular rate $52/night but with the deal worked out to $43 per night. A real deal in this neck of the woods! So we have a spot to call home for the next 4 days. A short walk from our campsite is the entrance to the dunes and a huge beach. Wow!!! and all off leash for Freya (as long as no warden comes to give us a $500 fine).

Once we got our spot and parked we immediately went to the beach for a stroll. Lovely even though it was windy.

After we completely set up we went back to the beach for a longer walk. A little breezy but not too cool. Freya had a blast chasing her chuck it ball on the sand. The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing in the sun. Ray had to rest in bed for a while and then came out to join me. The dog was exhausted.

Ray walked back to the beach before sunset to get some pictures. Absolutely gorgeous. The dunes are all covered in flowers.

Looking towards the Pismo Pier

Tuesday we decided to check out Monarch Butterfly Grove a short ways down the road from us. We did see about 100, the majority of them had moved on. The ones that were there were busy flying to and fro I think they were "twitterpainted" as spring is here and the males were chasing the females, I managed to get a couple pictures though. For some reason Ray's camera was not focusing on the close-up pictures.

Image result for monarch butterfly grove
This is the picture Ray hoped to get but we are too late in the season. (Google pic)

Volunteers have flowers planted to attract the butterflies.

Monarch Butterfly

Swallowtail Butterfly

I managed to spy this little guy on the tree next to the butterflies soaking in the sunshine.

Next it was off to explore the Pismo Beach Pier area and go for lunch at Splash Cafe for their famous clam chowder.

The "Surfing Cow"
(Unbeknownst to us the whole area has a thing for painted cows!)

Image result for splash cafe pismo

The chowder was delicious. Back home we relaxed for the afternoon, Ray having a little lie down and I sat outside in the shade enjoying the day.

Another beautiful sunset to end a great day.

Wednesday we had a slow morning, I did some laundry and we had a visit from the neighbours who are interested in full-timing. We had planned on the easy day so it wasn't until 11 am before we headed out to San Luis Opispo, 12 miles up Hwy 101. This place really is a college town, in fact my cousin Wendy attended Cal Poly there some years ago. Our plan was to check out the Mission and find a good craft brewery and have lunch. We definitely lucked out, the Slo Brewery. We sat out on their patio. Great beer and we had a wonderful Brew-Za pizza. They make their own sausage and it also had pork belly and proscuito. It was fabulous. Everyone who knows me ... I gave it a 10 out of 10.

Yes and I gave Ray a hair cut today! lol!
Next we walked to the Mission and along the creek, a beautiful afternoon.

Between the brew pub and the next street is a creek that they have fixed up with a lovely walkway and a lot of the restaurants have outsided seating "creekside". 

Thursday we decided to have a stay at home day before we move onto Monterey tomorrow. I have certainly enjoyed our "beach fix".

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  1. It would have been really cool to see one of those clusters of butterflies! But the pictures you did get were beautiful....