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Fall Colours on the Cowichan River, B.C.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Campbell Valley Regional Park and White Rock for lunch

Monday, May 7th

Both Ray and I were feeling very unsettled this morning. We can do nothing but wait for the coach to come back from repairs early Wednesday morning, before we load it up in preparation for taking it over to the island bright and early Thursday morning. Also, our realtor tells me that he is waiting for an offer to be done sometime today ..... so it is a "hurry up and wait" kind of day. We had 3 showings on Saturday, one gave us such a low ball offer we did not even respond, this next offer we are waiting for also saw the house on Saturday. Tomorrow another showing at 11am.

After an hour of trying to figure out where to go, we decided to see the Campbell Valley Regional Park. It had been on "Ray's list" and we had yet to go there. We had a lovely walk with Freya and only 10 minutes away from Dads house.

"The Campbell Valley Regional Park in Langley is a large park located amongst farm land and with a sprawling network of trails for walking, horseback riding, and exploring. The park is also home to the Campbell Valley Downs Equestrian Centre and the historic Langley Speedway. Birdwatching, picnicking, and dog walking are also popular in the park as the easy terrain is perfect for families"

There is also an old historic site with a house and barn and old schoolhouse which we walked around.

The old visitor centre that has lived out it's life and is now permanently closed. They opened it in another location "the Red Barn"

There was a school outing with the parks people catching and counting tadpoles in the pond.

Next off to the historical farm.

This is where the new Visitor Centre is ... it was not open today.

A short walk further we found the old schoolhouse.

And now a picture of the new "farmhouse" located across the road from the field. lol

It was lunch time so we drove back home, dropped Freya off and went into White Rock for our last opportunity to have fish and chips at Moby Dicks. We just got one order and shared it as it was so big! A short walk down the promenade and back home for the rest of the afternoon ... still waiting, waiting, waiting.

A lovely couple of hours spent enjoying the sunshine.


  1. Thanks for the tour of another beautiful park in the area!

  2. You can send some of the offer karma our way! Sounds like your getting close to a sale there. Island time is so close!! There must be good fish and chips near your new house for sure lol.