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Winter sunrise, Lake Cowichan, B.C.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Wow it is now August!

Kyle's Kottage is still a busy place. They say things have to be torn apart before they are put back together. Wow ... this definitely describes our back yard. The lads are doing a great job building our stairs to the beach, but taking all of the slate from the front certainly has made a mess on the lawn, not to mention the approach to our front door. lol

This week saw the electricians back to finish up putting in our 50 amp plug for the MH and garage lights.

Another day and the stairs should be finished so Will can move around the rest of the stone for the path and patio area by the ramp to the dock. Irrigation was moved out of the way Tuesday and our new irrigation guy came on Thursday with his crew to put it in correctly. Clay, one of the landscapers, says we have thousands of dollars of rocks in this yard. Fortunately we can just reuse everything in our "new" plan so we don't have to buy any. Retail, the larger pieces of slate go for about $60 a piece. Yikes.

Friday afternoon we had the stairs completed, the new irrigation in and Will started to level out the areas for new grass. Still have a bunch of rock on the yard that will have to be placed as stepping stone paths.

Ta Da!
The old stairs, very uneven and falling down.

All dug up again! lol
 Will's smoothed out area all dug up again for the irrigation. We had thought they were going to use the same path for piping of the old system ... apparently not. :) lol

Everything is properly dug in now and done correctly by hooking up by the water meter instead of the other side of the house.

Ray and I went for dinner at Jakes at the Lake Thursday night and Friday afternoon. They have a band playing in their beer garden all weekend for SunFest. They were serving awesome food and great music .. what's not to like.

She sounded somewhat like Adele with her husky voice. Very good.
Friday we went back for ribs in the beer garden, gotta love Jakes on the Road. Yumm. Another great band playing.

The owners of the Craig Street Brewery in Duncan, owners of all the "Jakes" pubs.

The weather certainly has been cooler this week. Ray and I have not gone swimming for a couple of days ... the prior 2 weeks we rarely missed a day. The cooler weather has been welcome with the landscapers though. It was pretty brutal working in 33C weather. 

Gary and Janice Glover came for a visit Saturday afternoon and stayed for some wings and dry ribs as their hour long visit ended up being about five hours. lol. It was great catching up with them. 

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor
This picture was taken in Quesnel while they were visiting other friends of our Cory and Debbie Delves.

We saw this old wooden boat go by this afternoon on the lake as well. The motor looked as old as the boat. lol

SunFest brought tons of people to town, so we mostly avoided it other than popping into Jake's. Only heard the fire department siren a few times so hopefully with the cooler weather there are not too many calls for them at SunFest.

The lake remained very busy with all of the boat traffic. Neighbours on both sides of us had tons of people staying with them for the August Long Weekend. I think I counted 14 kids all under the age of about 8 years old next door. It was great to see them all swimming and enjoying the water sports. 

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