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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Larchwood Lake and dinner with a new friend.

Wednesday night we had the site operator over for dinner so he could show me how to make pasta. Paul used to own a business that produced fresh pasta that they shipped from Nelson to Calgary to restaurants. Of course he used to make it in 15 kg batches ... kind of a lot for us! I had the equipment and he had the knowledge so after a before dinner bevy to bolster us up we began. I must say my mix master was awesome again. Paul made beautiful fettuccine and then he made a flavourful curry cream sauce with garlic, chicken and prawns ... YUM! Thanks a million Paul, we enjoyed every bite. I now know the right texture and ingredients.

The chefs
Ray and I had packed up earlier in the day between sprinkles so it was not too bad leaving Thursday morning. It started to pour yesterday afternoon so we were glad everything was tucked away so we did not have to deal with wet items in the morning. Since being on Mountain Time and with the weather so rainy we have been sleeping in to 8 am!!!! Needless to say it was a slow start and we did not get going until 10:30 am. Unfortunately after several attempts at fishing, Ray only had one nibble so hopefully the next opportunity for fishing he has better luck.  Our next destination is Golden.

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