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Monday, 1 June 2020

The last days of May and walk to Stocking Creek Waterfall.

Tuesday, May 26th

Finally the weather is improving and they are calling for sun with clouds and temps of 21C. Cloudy this morning though and breezy out on the lake. By 9am though the wind stopped and the lake was flat calm. After Ray did his bit in the workshop and I did my chores I suggested we take the boat out for a ride for the first time this season. I packed a lunch and off we went.

We cruised past Honeymoon Bay to Caycuse and just floated listening to tunes having lunch. There were a couple of base jumpers that launched themselves from the top of the mountain above Youbou. Too far away to take a picture of them though.

The Kyle Family in Squamish is settling in with Stella. Biggest problem was getting her wrapped tight enough so she stays on her back. Fortunately they received a gift yesterday of a sleep sack to try and control her legs. lol She sure has a "rubber neck". She is actually laying on her back with her head turned completely to the side.

She was fussy so I think Garrett will spend a lot of time cuddling her so Mommy can sleep.

Wednesday was a spectacular sunny day. Ray did a run into Duncan to pick up Freya's meds and a few other things while I prepped for our smoked lamb roast on the Traeger. Once he was back he played in his shop while I propped up my foot. It's getting better but not smart to push it yet. The afternoon we sat outside and I froze my foot on and off in the lake. :) Another fabulous day.

One of our neighbours in our little subdivision came in his helicopter for a short visit in the afternoon. Now we know why he made a deck in the middle of his extra lot! It will make for a short commute from Victoria. lol

So nice out that Roy and June next door, finally launched their boat for the summer and Darryl launched his Hobie Cat for the first time this year.

And off Darryl goes on his first sail of the season.

Baby Stella:

Maybe this one will stop her from rolling over. :)

All good!

I smoked a lamb shoulder roast for dinner with a red wine reduction, greek salad and stuffed bacon and cream cheese mushrooms. Yumm. Everything turned out really well.

Thursday, a cloudy start but by 7:30 am the sun was breaking through, temporarily. The lake flat calm. Maybe fishing later today after chores. Ray started off downstairs in his man cave while I dealt with the kitchen dishes. Finally my foot is feeling better.

At lunch I packed us up a cooler and we decided to try fishing for a couple of hours, testing out our new gear. We didn't catch anything (we did not expect to lol) and had a great time floating in the lake in the lovely warm sunshine.

While we were fishing, Jason was busy filling up Kristi's new planters he built for her fruit bushes.

In Squamish Garrett got them all in their first family picture.

Stella has managed to roll from her back to her side with ease and back again. On her belly she can lift her head up and to the side already. A very strong little baby.

After boating it was time to hang out on the dock for awhile as it was quite warm today at 26C. We had better enjoy it as by Saturday it is going to rain.

My sun baby.

May 29th

Friday morning light clouds again but warm out. No dew last night. Ray back in his shop constructing 2 more planters for Garrett and Kat that we will take over to Squamish when we visit in a week and a half. Can't wait to get my hands on that little bundle of joy. Garrett took Stella for her first stroller ride this morning that we had bought them. Kira is finally starting to get interested in this little person.

What is this thing that is still here!
Friday morning after Ray's time in his shop and me making scones and tidying up the kitchen it was decided that we needed to go on a bit of a road trip as we have pretty much been staying home. Ray and I decided on going to Ladysmith, picking up KFC and drove down to Ladysmith's Transfer Beach to eat. A fabulous view for lunch.

After Ray took a few pictures we hopped back in the car and headed to our next destination, Stocking Creek Falls which is located down the old highway in Saltair. We did about a 2km walk, there and back. It was a beautiful trail through huge second growth trees.

Ray even managed to spot some trout in the creek.

The hardest part of the trail was all the stairs down to the viewing platform to the waterfall but we took it slow and easy. We met up with a few small groups of people on the trails but everyone was really respectful of physical distancing so it was nice. This trail also connects with the Cowichan Valley Trail which is part of the Trans Canada Trail.

Entry to the Cowichan Valley Trail/Trans Canada Trail

A great outing and leftover chicken for dinner too.

Saturday, a bit cloudy and it's supposed to rain later this afternoon. Boat cover put back on in case. :) Today is a shopping day in Duncan, so not too much happening here. After our jaunt to Duncan we were back home by 12:30 in time for guess what???? more KFC leftovers. :) The rest of the afternoon we both puttered around, Ray in the workshop and me in the kitchen.

Today's Stella pictures:

Very expressive hands.

Sending kisses.
Here is another of Ray's projects ... a clamp rack and a moving platform for his belt sander. Everything is on wheels so he can easily move things around.

We invited Roy and June, our neighbours over for a Happy Hour at 4 pm on our sundeck under the gazebo as it was supposed to rain. It was nice to share wine and munchies for about 3 hours. Snacks became dinner. :) As usual I forgot to take a picture though. lol Thanks for the smoked salmon, Darryl. He gave me a package a couple weeks ago, it was delicious.

Image Search Results for wine clip art | Red wine bottle, Wine ...smoked salmon food dish cuisine salmon clipart - Smoked Salmon ...

Sunday May 31st ... Last day of May, where did the month go?

The forecasted rain never appeared here at the lake but the lower mainland got pasted all day yesterday, according to my friend Dianne. This morning we woke to clouds and a bit breezy. Probably an inside day although they are calling for some sun this afternoon.

There was a post on my Lake Cowichan Facebook page for fresh strawberries. I ordered 10 pounds of fresh strawberries for me and 10 for Roy and June. They are coming from Saanichton, in the Victoria area and are being delivered to the house. Great service. The growers have to find other ways to sell their produce with Covid. They are picked in the morning and delivered in the afternoon. You can get fresher than that!

Kat sent us a picture of Garrett having his first story time with Stella. Our good friend Delle Booth, a retired teacher, sent them two books to begin with.

I spent the morning cooking our lobster for dinner. Ray shelled them for me after they were cooked and then I made the seafood stock with the shells for our Lobster Risotto for dinner.

My lobster cracker! lol
A little work for Ray and a lot more work for me. :)

Ta Da  Lobster Risotto.

Tomorrow's job is getting them prepped and into the freezer for jam. Small berries but very sweet.

Well that was another week and the end of May. Where did the time go. Hopefully June sees the coronavirus numbers go down and we can get back to a little more normalcy.

Monday, 25 May 2020

Happy 10th Anniversary Jason and Kristi and Stella goes home!

Thursday May 21st

Today is my Uncle Ken's 89th birthday. He was my dad's middle brother and he has outlived both brothers. We called him to wish him a Happy Birthday, Of course we couldn't go over to Coquitlam to celebrate ...

Here a picture that my cousin posted on Facebook. She brought him his birthday cake in the afternoon as she was working at 5pm.

Norma and Ken
Kristi and Jason arrived at 5 pm to spend the night. They will leave the dogs with us and head out to Victoria tomorrow to celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary. I was busy all day smoking baby back ribs in the Traeger for our dinner. They turned out beautifully.

Served with homemade baked beans and cornbread.

Where is Jason you might ask???? Being Thursday night he participates on a "raid", a game on his computer with a bunch of other people so his dinner was delivered to him downstairs. lol Yes I spoil him. :) As you can see he is well-stocked for the rest of the night! He had 2 plate fulls of ribs and beans.

Friday morning early, Kristi and Jason left for Victoria for their anniversary weekend. Hard to believe they have been married for ten years!

Of course it was treat time for the puppies!

We have Kristi's dogs for two days and they will return on Sunday to spend the night again with us before heading back home on Monday. Hopefully the weather smartens up.

Good morning baby Stella. (8 am)

She gained 48 grams yesterday. A lot of it from the breast or bottle so she is definitely heading in the right direction to be released soon.

We gave Kristi and Jason the use of our car for driving around Victoria and kept their truck so Ray was able to go and get some wood for his projects.

I think Kristi's dogs are most comfortable here. Athena took over one of Freya's beds. lol

Everyone had a good sleep as in we did not get woken up by the 3 dogs all night long. lol

Garrett and Kat headed back to the hospital for Stella's 8am feeding. She had been fed only by bottle since yesterday afternoon so more steps forward. This time she has gained another 28gms since yesterday. She had 22 ml by breast and 20 by bottle this morning. One step closer to going home.

Mom first ...

Dad up next to finish with a bottle of Kat's milk ...

Busy morning for Stella as her bath was up next with Daddy. Pretty sleepy after being fed. lol

Finally cuddles with daddy ... yes I can go back to sleep!

Her 2 pm feeding she couldn't stay away for her whole feed so the last was fed through her NG tube ... the countdown for 48 hours starts again. Kat did manage to get a companion room so is nearby for her for the rest of her feedings.
I am so tired ....

Looks like someone had milk on their phone when they took the picture. lol

By 11 am the skies had cleared here at the lake so we spent the afternoon on the back lawn out of the wind with the dogs. Happy puppies. It was only about 14C but out of the wind quite warm.

And Freya keeping track of her pack mates totally tired her out. Unfortunately she can barely walk ... hopefully she has a better day tomorrow ... no STICK! She won't be going on the pack walk tonight. She has one more day of antibiotics and I gave her the new pain med pill tonight she has been started on ... so she should feel better soon.

Sunday morning woke up early ... 5:00 am and tried to go back to sleep. 5:30 am saw both Ray and I up. The dogs seem to do a walk about at 4:45 am every morning so ... we wake up. A very cloudy day with the odd sprinkle.

Quiet day, Kristi and Jason were back here by 11am and we all just chilled for the day either on the porch under the gazebo or watching TV. Dinner was spaghetti, the sauce which I had made the day before, so an easy dinner. Jason picked out a movie on Netflix and we settled in for a 2 hour show after dinner.

Stella gained 28 grams and was back either breastfed or bottle fed all day and night so back on track to be released tomorrow or the next day. Yeah. She actually spent some time with her eyes open yesterday looking around too.

Biggest yawn.

Hi Mommy.
Monday morning lightly raining out. Had a good night ... no dogs waking us up. lol I'm still fighting with my left foot's plantar fasciitis outbreak. Hopefully the swelling will go down soon. Kristi and Jason left early for home, at 8:30 am as Jason has a lot of projects to get done before his load of dirt arrives on Thursday. A great visit.

Kat texted this morning. Stella had a great night and fed from the bottle only so it looks like they may get sprung today. Her feeding tube has been removed so it's looking good. She just needs to feed from a bottle for the 11am feed and breastfeed at 2pm taking in enough and will be weighed. If all goes well they will be on their way home to Squamish by 3pm.

Ready to go,

And they are off! lol

They made it safe and sound.

She sure is tiny!
Hopefully better weather is coming this week so we can get out on the lake in the boat.