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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Larchwood Lake and Radium Hot Springs Road Tour

This morning, Thursday, Ray finally got to go out on the lake and try out his new pontoon boat. He finds it much easier to operate with the electric motor than propelling himself with his old V-tube. Things were looking up until the wind came up and he did a donut and his fly line became caught in the prop! :( Oh well a lesson learned.  It was just a short trip to get the bugs out anyway.

Sunrise on Larchwood Lake
Yup it is very comfy!  Just like sitting in the recliner and the seat swivels.

Well I better not fish over there!
Ray decided that since he was not on the lake very long and today is the only day that is supposed to have sunshine in a week, we would take a drive up to Radium Hotsprings to check out the Kootenay National Park's Redstreak campground where we might stay if we continue towards Canmore in a week or so. F loop seemed to be the best choice for us. We also stopped at Fairmont Hotsprings. Very popular. The RV sites here were quite good but expensive.

Fairmont Hotsprings

View of the Columbia River at Fairmont Hotsprings.
Next up the highway just before Radium was Dry Gulch Provincial Park but the sites were too small for a rig our size.

Upon reaching Radium Hotsprings, we drove up the highway a little ways to view the springs before driving around Redstreak Campground.

Radium Hot Springs in Kootenay National Park
Here are pictures from the Lookouts just south of Radium heading back towards Invermere.

We had lunch in Invermere at The Station Neighborhood Pub on Windermere Lake, for some of Invermere's craft beer on tap, with a yummy lunch. I noticed they had a craft brewery located in Invermere and the Station Pub served it.

Below the pub was the Kinsmen Park on Windermere Lake

Some expensive houses here.
Driving back to Larchwood Lake the clouds came in and it looked like we might get some rain. Thankfully it held off and we were able to spend a couple of hours outside enjoying the afternoon. At 6:30 the wind came up so we went inside and shortly after we had a rain shower for about 10 minutes and then the skies lightened up. The forecast is for 70% showers for the next couple of days so we shall see if Ray can get out fishing again. The boat does not do very well in the wind.

Friday we woke up to showers as forecasted. Needless to say no one moved too quickly this morning. Even Freya slept in. Ray was pretty sore from our excursion yesterday so was not up for fishing anyway, maybe tonight if he feels better. I think it will be a cookie baking day and maybe some fresh buns as Ray promised cookies to the site operator, for info on site availability, on my behalf. :)

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  1. Looks like a great area. Because it always seems to be such a busy area we've always passed it by.