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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Larchwood Recreation Site - July 4-6

Monday, July 4th   Hurray!!!! We are here at Larchwood Lake and I managed to scoop the site that we wanted after checking out this spot last week. Right on the lake where you can see the fish rise and Ray can easily launch his boat. Another group came in looking for a spot 15 minutes after we pulled the coach in so we were lucky as there are only 2 spots on the water that fit us. The lake is fairly small but a glorious green colour and very clear. We have even seen fish and turtles swim by the beach as the water is so clear. There are only 22 sites total here, one being used by the site operator. Although totally full on the long-weekend there are only 5 other groups besides us here right now so pretty quiet.

When we arrived there was a fish head on our beach from the weekend. Paul, the site operator removed it for me. I do not want bears to visit or Freya to roll in it!

Ray and I just got set up and had to put up the first up tent over the picnic table as we noticed some black clouds rolling in and as we had spread out all of his fishing/boating stuff on the table we did not want it all to get wet. Sure enough the rain began and continued off and on for the rest of the day so I baked a batch of bread while we were stuck inside. Yummm.

Yup it is raining!
Tuesday morning after a restful sleep we were up at about 6:30 am. Generator hours are from 9 am to 7 pm so at 9 am I got busy making fresh scones for breakfast, taking one to the site operator Paul to keep in his good books! He said as long as it is not too busy we can stay more than the 14 days. I must admit that I am liking the cooler weather for a change so I can do some of the baking without getting cooked out of the coach.  Ray spent the better part of the morning putting together his new pontoon boat, getting ready for it's inaugural run. It sprinkled on and off all day, but was quite warm out so I was able to have a campfire and sit under the first up shelter reading all afternoon. (being available to lift this .... move that for Ray assembling his boat) Ray was pretty much done in just putting the boat together so he will have to wait until tomorrow for us to launch it. He sure is getting excited about fishing again, especially when we see the the fish rise and jump. This apparently is a trophy lake and they release 1500 fish every year here and you can only keep one fish over 20". Another great day doing what we love to do.

The new pontoon boat sure looks small next to the motorhome!
Wednesday morning after coffee and breakfast, Ray and I got the boat down to the water and I carried the battery down and lifted it into the boat so he could install it. After that he began setting up all of his fishing gear, rods etc. and noticed that his tackle box with his "tippets" etc. was missing. I guess Kristi missed giving that back to us by mistake so Ray had to go back into Cranbrook (only 40 min away) to get some stuff in preparation for fishing tomorrow. I spent the morning putting out my solar lights and hummingbird feeders. They have not seen the light of day since Quartszite! The weather today was a little breezy but fairly warm. We will take it. Tomorrow the forecast is pretty good but we will be into the rain by the weekend they say. Fingers crossed it will miss our little valley.

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  1. Wow...your rain photo almost looks like snow! Nice looking area.