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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Lussier Hotsprings and Findlay Falls

Yesterday we decided to check out the Lussier Hotsprings that are about 45 minutes away from where we currently are camped. The springs are located about 17 km up a well-maintained logging road on the way to Whiteswan Lake just south of Canal Flats. I had no idea that the pools were so small and that there were tons of people there by 11:30 in the morning. After seeing the masses we opted not to take a dip. I think we should have been here mid-June before the tourist season really started and get there by 9 am in the morning. As we walked back up the trail there must have been 20 more people going down for a dip. By hearing them speak, mostly Europeans.

View from the road looking down.

Once back on the highway Ray wanted to get a picture of the Hoodoos on Dutch Creek just north of Canal Flats so off we went. Freya got to play in the creek while we waited for Ray to get the "right" picture.

At this point we decided to take the back logging road home to Larchwood Lake as there is paving happening on the way back home and there were 10 minute delays.

View of Canal Flats from the logging road to Findlay Falls.  Columbia River flows to left and Kootenay River to right. 

Start of Columbia Lake and Columbia River
This gave us the opportunity to check out Findlay Falls and Findlay Rec Site. The recreation site was quite small but the first part was ample big enough for us if we should choose to go there. The only thing to do there would be quad riding though.

Findlay Twin Falls

View of the Findlay River from the bridge
View of Findlay Recreation Site
The back way home proved to be somewhat of a goat path for the last 20 km. Oh well it was an adventure!

Back home we were able to sit outside for a couple of hours before the black clouds and wind chased us back inside. Ribs and corn for dinner, slow cooked on the barbecue. Yumm.

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