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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Paska Lake - July 17th to July 28th

Ray and I are finally relaxing and taking it easy at Paska Lake. We have decided to stay here for 2 ½ weeks and then Peter Hope Lake for 3 ½ weeks with a stop at Claybanks RV Park in Merritt before heading back to Vancouver. The only drawback is there is no cell service at Paska so we have to drive 15 minutes away to check for messages. The weather in the Kootenay’s was not great at the end of June/beginning of July and we have had trouble finding forest service sites that would fit us. We did not want to be plugged in the whole time for Freya and of course not have the expense as most spots were $40 plus a night so our decision was made to go where we know that we fit and Ray can fish.

The weather finally turned to be hot and sunny on July 27th. We have had some sun in between but it usually has clouded up by the afternoon each day with some thundershowers. Not Freya’s favorite thing. It has been warm enough for shorts though. I managed to get in my new floaty boat on my birthday, July 26th for half an hour or so before the clouds came back in. Unfortunately, I picked up a leach on the back of my knee on the way back to shore that I did not notice and it managed to suck quite a bit of blood. The next two days the back of my knee was quite sore as there was quite a bit of interstitial fluid. 

Rays’ been able to get out in his pontoon boat most days and is finding it very relaxing and not hurting his back. He is catching quite a few fish and only kept one for breakfast one morning. The fish are so plentiful that one afternoon he decided to fly fish from shore for a couple of casts and caught 2 fish in 5 minutes.

We have some great neighbours, Paul and Giselle with their two grown sons, who include us around their campfires and Paul played the guitar. Paul is in a band and their son Jonathan plays drums. Their sons went out and got us a load of firewood and even split it to make it easier on me. Nice guys. Of course I made them a batch of cookies as a thank you. Freya loves them as everyone takes turns throwing her stick back and forth along the back of our sites. She ends up with a huge back yard.

For my birthday, we drove to Kamloops where I got my hair cut and then Ray and I went to the pool for a hot tub. After a bit of shopping we went to the Beijing Restaurant for lunch, recommended by Paul and Giselle. Yummm. Very good Chinese food with lots of leftovers so I would not have to cook dinner either. When we got back to camp, Paul and Giselle and their two sons had a birthday cake for me. Giselle even hand painted a water colour for  my birthday card. Thanks guys.

So other than driving to Kamloops a couple of times, into Logan Lake for water, garbage and internet, we stay in camp enjoying the outdoors. We have seen eagles, osprey, and loons fishing. There is also an otter who swims by and the sound of lots of cows. Ray had to chase one out of the campsite yesterday!


  1. Love all the wildflowers! What kind of fish is Ray catching? Happy birthday!!!!!!

    1. Ray is fishing small lake trout. They are small but lots of fun ... I think the biggest you could get is about 18" ... most are 8-12 though.

  2. Glad to hear Ray's new pontoon boat is working out for him and that he's catching lots of fish. Paul and Giselle spotted us at the Logan Lake sanidump when we were arriving at Tunkwa and asked if we were going to Paska. Nice folks. Nice that she made you a cake.
    Safe travels!

    1. Yes they are wonderful. Their son's got us a load of firewood too so we did not have to. Of course a batch of cookies were in order :)