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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Peter Hope Lake August 15 -18

It has been pretty quiet here at camp. On Monday we moved into our preferred site right on the water at 8 am as that was when the other people said they would be leaving. Took us 2 days to fully set up and get the pontoon boat operational. Tuesday we had to go into Kamloops so I could see a chiropractor as I have tweeked my neck while helping the fridge repair guy last Wednesday and every day it was getting worse and worse. Dr. Bebi said it was very "acute" and I would have to come back for another treatment so tomorrow it is off to Kamloops again. I do not think it is any better than when I saw her on Tuesday! Fingers crossed tomorrow.

Ray has been out twice to fish and has been skunked so far. Hopefully this changes soon or we might just go back to Paska Lake!

Yesterday, Wednesday, Paul and Giselle Owen stopped by for a visit and my come and camp this Friday. It will be fun to have them as neighbours hopefully.


  1. Hope your neck improves soon Deb.

  2. That looks like a peaceful spot.....hope your neck gets better soon!