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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Back to Suburbia and Peace Arch RV Park Surrey, BC

We left Merritt by 8:30 am and arrived at Peace Arch shortly after 12 noon after a 15 minute stop at the Aldergrove Rest Area to stretch and walk Freya. The trip was pretty uneventful as it was Thursday before the long weekend and any of the holiday traffic was going in the other direction. After a minimal set up we relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. As usual coming back to town the first week or so is incredibly busy.

Friday morning by 9:30 am we went over to Dad's to check things out and he had a whole list of stuff for me to do for him, paying his lawyer, banking etc. After dropping Ray off at the motorhome, I went out to complete Dad's stuff while doing a little shopping for us. That night we had a lovely dinner at Dad's that Larny, his caregiver, prepared.

Saturday morning first thing, I took Larny out to Costco and Superstore for her to get all of Dad's shopping completed. As she does not drive, she waited for me to get back to town to give her a hand with the "heavy, bulky stuff. That night we went to Ray's mom's for a quick visit and then back home by 5 pm. Both of us exhausted. Ray's back was really bad as well so we definitely needed the night off.

Sunday as it was Larny's day off, Ray and I went to Dad's in the early afternoon so I could make him and us dinner. Ray was able to get out and go for a hot tub at the White Rock Pool so his back eased up some. Again we were tired so dropped off into bed by 9 pm.

Monday we dropped Freya off at Dad's as Larny is looking after her for us while we go to the island for our doctor appointments and Ray's MRI. We also took Ray's mom out for dinner at the Keg and had a good visit with her during the afternoon.

Prime Rib Dinner at the Keg

Freya would go into Dad's room and sleep until Larny went to bed and then move into her room.

I'm ready for bed Larny! Are you coming!
Yup, she's still here at 4 am!
Tuesday morning Ray and I packed up and headed to the island for three days to take care of our appointments and visit with Kristi and Jason at their rental house where we stayed. We stopped in and saw Kristi's new medical office and met her Medical Office Assistant. Our art work that she has borrowed temporarily looks pretty good on her newly painted walls! After a bit of shopping we met Jason at their house. When Kristi arrived home at 6:30 it was off for a Chinese Food Buffet for dinner. We are such exciting guests that Ray and I were again in bed by 9 pm. (Kristi was in bed too!)

Yup it's official! We have a Dr. Kyle in the family!
Dr. Kyle's Office

Wednesday, Jason and I, with Ray stupidvising, emptied out some of our storage locker so that Kristi and Jason could use some of our packed furniture. We managed to get the extra queen bed out that Jason and Kristi will take to my Dad's later this week with their utility trailer so we have a comfortable bed to sleep on when visiting. Tonight, Jason is going to cook us dinner and as Kristi has office hours today she will be home early.  Ray's MRI appointment is at 8:30 tonight so hopefully he gets right in as it takes almost an hour in the machine. (He was done in 1/2 an hour as he did not move at all!)

Thursday, after our morning doctor's appointments, we are having lunch with Ray's old boss and his wife at our favorite Sushi Place called Nori's near Costco. Depending on the time we finish we will try for the 3:15 pm out of Duke Point. It will be nice to sleep in our own bed again. Boy did our first week in Vancouver go by fast!

Sheila and Bart with us at Nori's in Nanaimo. A great visit.
We managed to catch the 3:15 ferry back to Tsawwassen but Larny had told me she wanted to keep Freya overnight and we could pick her up Friday morning so that is what we did. Larny enjoys having Freya to fuss over and so does Dad.

Next week should be a bit slower  with a hair appointment and Freya to the vets and catch up with our friends Steve and Dianne who will be arriving at Fort Camping in Langley on Saturday... but we will spend the following weekend in Squamish with Garrett and his girlfriend Kat.

Sometime before the end of this month we need to schedule some motorhome maintenance items too. The month of September is going to go by fast I think.


  1. It's always busy when returning to the coast, with appointments, repairs, shopping and family and friend visits. Looking forward to lunch on Thursday with you guys.