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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Last week before USA September 26 - 30

Boy has the time flown by! Monday and Tuesday other than going to Dad's we stayed at home and rested up. Ray's back and my foot needed some time off! Wednesday we were back at it, getting prepared for our trip and picked up Dad and Larny, taking them to Ken and Norma's for a get together before we leave. Thanks for the chinese food and good company Uncle Ken and Aunty Norma! (We did not get Norma in many pictures as she was not feeling well and managed to escape the camera!)

Dad and Ken

Larny taking a "selfie" with Dad

Larny, Dad and Me

Dad, Ken Deb, Ray and Norma
Great to see you all and Ray and I hope you all "winter well" and will see you at the end of March when we return.

Thursday shaped up to be a very busy day for Ray and I. We left Freya at Dad's with Larny and headed out to Burnaby to Ray's mum's moving day. Mum had arranged for movers to come and take all of her furniture and boxes to the new assisted living place. Ray's brother Ryan and his husband Paul, had come over earlier in the morning to move all of Mum's clothes to the new place which was great.

While the mover's were loading her furniture and boxes, Ray sat in the car during the process as he cannot stand for any period of time. When the last load was being taken out, Ray and I drove her to the new place about 20 minutes away.

Here we go!
The new apartment

It took the mover's a total of 4 hours to pick up her stuff and move it in to the new place. Again, Ray had to wait in the car where it is more comfortable for him. Dinner was served for Mum at 5 pm so I sent her along to the dining room and directed the movers where to put her stuff as per her instructions. The first order of business was putting her bed together and making it. Once that was done Ray was able to come back and lay on the bed while I unpacked her boxes for her. Within an hour I had unpacked everything with her putting stuff away other than 4 boxes she will do herself. Ray and I are so happy that she is settled before we go. Unfortunately we did not take a picture when it was all set-up :(

Hopefully Mum had a good night as she was really tired when we left at 6:30 pm. Ray and I had made arrangements to have dinner out a short distance away with some friends of ours, Laurel and Derek, who we hope to meet up with us this winter in Arizona. They're off to Cuba and don't leave for the US until Nov 1st. As this will be their first time travelling to the States, our brains were truly picked clean by the time we left.

We all had a great meal at Brown's Social House near Brentwood Mall. Great Service, Great Food and Great Company! See you guys down south.

Today, Friday, Pauls RV Repair Service is finally coming at 2 pm to install our new front jack and replace our rear jack on the passenger side with our spare. Hopefully with this finally done (all 4 jacks now all replaced) the jacks will retract by themselves without us having to manually assist. I will be doing the last of the laundry and readying the coach for travel tomorrow. Yeah! We will have dinner at Dad's tonight and retrieve Freya. Larny wants to keep her!

Dad's favorite place to be! Notice the cookies Larny prepares for him for his afternoon snack.
The last shop at Walmart in Surrey before we left the local fireman were canvassing for Muscular Dystrophy. Ray and I used to do that in the Charlottes. This was their firetruck on display. Wow.

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