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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Monday, September 19 to Sunday September 25

Nothing of interest to report .... busy doing busy stuff! Good news though, Ray's MRI came back with "no significant changes" from three years ago.  Apparently there is one particular pinch point that is causing most of the nerve loss and this spot hasn't changed since the last MRI.  So hopefully the he won't lose any more nerve function than he already has. The MRI did identify a new herniated disc between the shoulder blades he will just have to live with. His specialist just told him to "stay the course". Do as much as you can for as long as you can... we certainly will try!

Even better news, Ray's mother has been accepted into assisted living and we will help her unpack next Thursday in her new apartment. She will have movers come in and move the furniture and boxes. It sure gives us some peace of mind knowing that she is not on her own while we are away this winter. When we checked out the place today, (Thursday) they were doing their exercises in the lounge getting ready to do their Flash Mob Dance next week. Pretty cool. Told Mum I expect her to partake!

Getting ready for the "Flash Mob"
After viewing the facility and helping Mum pick out the suite she would prefer (she had 4 to choose from) we took her for a drive through their old neighbourhood a short distance from the assisted living place. Below is the picture of Ray's old house as a young boy,

Mum was really surprised that the house was still standing.
Next it was Ray's grandparents house a few blocks away from their house. Again still in really great shape.

My Dad is doing pretty good with his caregiver Larny, his nurse Bev and his great doctor, Dr Britts who checks him from stem to stern. He does have health issues but is doing the best he can he tells everyone. He is very lucky (and me) that he is getting such good care. They are all excellent with him.

Saturday afternoon, Garrett and Kat came to Dad's for dinner (which I cooked) from Squamish and after an enjoyable evening they stayed overnight. Freya sure enjoyed playing with her sister in Dad's large backyard.

 Family Dinner - Thanks for all the help guys.

Sunday morning we all took Dad out for his third annual birthday breakfast at the IHOP. Thanks for buying breakfast Garrett and Kat. His birthday is October 15th but we will be gone. I cannot believe how much food Dad packs away at breakfast. Kat and Larny helped me prep for Sunday night dinner as our good friends Steve and Dianne were coming over to Dad's. Larny even reset the table. She is a treasure and even baked us 2 apple pies for dessert for both dinners. I unfortunately had a huge case of plantar fasciitis come upon my right foot after taking Larny shopping on Friday. By Saturday morning I could not put any weight on my foot and had 2 days of activities planned. The only cure is resting the foot, ice, ibuphrophen and wearing my brace. Garrett and Kat managed to find a pair of crutches in the garage so Sunday morning so I became more mobile and was able to attend the birthday breakfast. Thanks for all the help guys.

For Sunday dinner between Ray and Dianne (I had everything prepped) they were able to follow my instructions so we all ended up with a wonderful Prime Rib Dinner. Larny came home after her day off just in time to have dinner. We all dispersed by 8:15 after a wonderful day, Steve and Dianne to Fort Langley and us to Peace Arch RV Park. Monday morning I woke up to a foot feeling much better but I will need a couple of more days of rest so I will be in good shape for our trip south.

Steve and Dianne (notice the foot brace, my friend for the next week!)

We are getting excited about starting our winter adventures.

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  1. Thanks again for a wonderful dinner and we'll see you down south next year. Safe travels!