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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Weekend at Garrett and Kat's in Squamish

Garrett and his girlfriend Kat moved to Squamish last month and now commute to Vancouver for work. Apparently it takes almost the same amount of time it used to from North Vancouver! Garrett and Kat drive to Park Royal and then Garrett rides his bike into downtown (20 min) and Kat takes the bus (15 min) for a commute of about 1 hour each in the morning and about 15 minutes longer coming home at night. I will miss not being able to see them as much when we come into town.

We left fairly early Friday morning hoping to sail through after the morning rush but it was still bumper to bumper from Kensington until we started up the hill on the other side of the Ironworkers bridge. Unbelievable the traffic at 10 am! After that it was pretty smooth sailing into Squamish. With rain forecasted in the afternoon/evening we wanted to beat the weather. Ray and I had also hoped to take the new gondola up the Squamish Chief while it was still sunny. We used to live at the base of this mountain in Valleycliffe years ago. After finding out it was $40 each for a 10 minute ride up and back and we could not leave Freya in the car we decided to give this one a miss.

I had messaged and old friend via facebook from the kids preschool days, Delle Booth and her husband Chris, the day before. She invited us to their house where we had a wonderful lunch. It was great to catch up. Ray and I had not seen them since they stopped in to see us in Port Alberni on their way to Tofino 20 years ago. As always with good friends, the years just melted away and we both were babbling to each other like usual. Ray and Chris have a lot in common with both of them working in the logging industry and knowing some of the same people. Thanks for a wonderful lunch Delle. As always your soups are amazing. Freya had a blast in their back yard chasing around for at least an hour with their 11 month old aussie shepherd Jacee, so when we got to Garrett's she was a lot calmer than usual!

Ray and I arrived at Garrett's about 3:30, picked up Kira and went for a walk along the dyke on the Squamish River. The dogs sure enjoy playing with each other. Soon after it started to spit with rain so I walked back to where we started and brought the car closer so Ray would not have to walk so far.

Is Garrett and Kat Home Yet!
Garrett and Kat arrived by 5:30 and after a beverage we all went out for dinner to the Watershed Grill right on the banks of the Squamish River. I was hoping to see the eagles but it is too early yet and the water is still pretty high so no fish for the eagles. We could not take outside pictures as the rain had begun. This is the view from their patio from their website.

Picture from their website.
Good thing we went early ... the place soon filled up.

We had a few appetizers to share, the mussels were to die for! and several entree's to share, butter chicken and Ray had the house special burger. Everyone was full by the time we left. Back home Garrett walked the dogs and then we chatted until Kat, Ray and I went to bed at 9 pm ... all of us way too tired.

Saturday morning (the dogs got us all up shortly after 6 am) we had coffee and then Garrett and Kat took us out to this little cafe for breakfast. Yumm. We all ate enough that we did not need lunch. Kat and Garrett took the dogs to the dog beach and they had a blast. Garrett the dog whisperer had all of the dogs paying attention to him as he was going to throw the chuck-it.

"Throw it already!"
Kat making lattes
 Later, Ray and Kat went out to the Farmer's Market to pick up something fresh for dinner tonight.

Garrett was sleeping upstairs and I was quietly sitting in my old lazyboy chair working on our winter trip plan. I think the dogs were tired after their run at the beach! They did not move for an hour or so until Ray and Kat came back!

Freya needing some Daddy Time!


What a meal Garrett and Kat came up with. Beautiful poached cod fillets with ritz cracker crust on top of a bed of nicely herbed risotto with fresh sauted green beans. I've taught my boy well! He plated it and decorated it before he served us. Lovely Garrett and Kat, thanks for a wonderful dinner. The only job I had was to be the "taster" of the risotto to say when it was done.

Sunday morning we were up at 6:15 again ... those darn dogs! Garrett took the dogs for a bike ride for half an hour. I think they are finally tired! After leisurely enjoying our Carolanne Latte's that Kat makes sooooo goooood, they prepared a wonderful breakfast of special bacon from the farmer's market and the Kyle Family Waffles. Way to go guys, you thoroughly spoiled us rotten. It was a wonderful visit and I love their new townhouse, very spacious. The guest accommodations were great as well.

Garrett making the famous waffles.

Freya making sure we are actually leaving ... she's too tired to climb up and down the stairs!
When we left to come back home to Surrey the clouds split up and the sun came out. We were treated to a spectacular drive home. Unfortunately Ray had two bad nights sleeping with back pain so after putting our stuff away it was time for him to have an afternoon nap. Hopefully a hot tub tomorrow will help as well. We find that when Ray is not in his "own bed, own chair etc." and not doing his own routine, he just seems to have a worse time with pain. So he deals with it the best he can as he does not want to miss these adventures.

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