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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Christmas at Casa Grande, AZ

Friday, December 23rd, we arrived at High Chaparral RV Park in Arizona City by 11:30 am and were met by our friends Wayne and Karen. It was great to see them as we had not been able to connect since American Thanksgiving last year. Our other friends, the travelling Auzzies Laurel and Derek, arrived by 3:30 and we all participated in Happy Hour over at Wayne and Karen's with their friends John and Sandy. A lovely evening enjoying the clear skies before the rain event tomorrow.

Saturday morning, Christmas Eve day, so far sunny and windy. I decided to do one last grocery shop in Casa Grande while it was not raining. Once I got back after talking with Derek and Laurel, we decided to go back to Casa Grande and partake in the food at the Golden Corral as tonight's event is only appetizers at 7 pm. After lunch we made a few more stops for Derek and Laurel. We made it back at 2:30 and the rainstorm had just begun. Only Ray got wet taking the dog for a walk. I finished up my appetizer for tonight and Ray and I spent the next few hours relaxing. I drug out the dehumidifier as the windows were getting steamed up with the wet dog, and me doing the dishes. It sure took us back down to 50% in no time. By 5 pm as Wayne had predicted, the skies cleared so we got a peak at the sun just before it set! At 6:30 we were all gathered in the hall for Christmas Eve Gift Exchange. It was great having Laurel and Derek with us this year as well as seeing Wayne and Karen.

My appetizer, Festive Cheeseball Christmas Tree

Sandy and Karen

The gifts for the exchange

Wayne, John and Deb

Derek and Laurel
Sunday, Christmas Day, Laurel and Derek came over at 8:00 am for coffee and Irish Creme Liquor and then it was Eggs Benedict with Mimosa's. We ate early as the park's Christmas Dinner was scheduled for 1 pm. The gang met up at 12:30 in the hall and we had a wonderful potluck dinner with the park contributing the turkey, ham, buns and potatoes and gravy. Everyone went their separate ways for an hour and then it was time to have Happy Hour over at Karen and Wayne's to try out a bunch of liqueurs. It was a little cold out though and by 5 pm everyone disbanded. I think everyone was happy to have a quiet evening in their perspective homes.

Back at home Dad's caregiver Larny, getting Dad into the Christmas spirit whether he likes it or not. LOL Christmas Eve, Kristi picked them up and took them to my Aunt Norma's and Uncle Ken's for Christmas Eve dinner (9 for dinner) Jason stayed and helped prepare the food. Thanks for helping Jason. Dad and Larny were also invited over for brunch on Christmas Day with Betty's daughter and son-in-law. Nice to see they are keeping in touch with him.

Garrett and Kat spending Christmas at Kat's parents in Kamloops.

Garrett and Kat with Kira on their way to Kamloops

Definitely a white Christmas up there.

Having fun in the snow.

Garrett's dog Kira, enjoying her Christmas present.

Kat's mom and dad and brother with Garrett. Looks yummy.
So it looks like everyone had a good Christmas. Ray's mom had a brief stint in the hospital for de-hydration but was back at her assisted living apartment and was able to enjoy a wonderful dinner there. Kristi managed to visit her as well before picking up my dad, while Jason was helping my aunt with dinner.

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  1. Looks like a good time was had by all! We look forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks.