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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Easter at Peace Arch Park April 13 - 17


Another rainy morning. I am off with Dianne to pick up Larny for her last shopping trip  for stocking up Dad's house before her vacation next week . She will be back to the Philipines for a month and has arranged for another person, John, to look after Dad while she is gone.

Friday, another raining day but by noon the sun had come out. Ray and I went for a walk at the Elgin Park along the Nicomekl River where it empties into the Pacific Ocean. A little brisk in the wind but nice to see the sun. The rest of the day we spent doing a few chores and then had Dianne and Steve over for Happy Hour so they could enjoy the sunshine as well.

Saturday, woke up to a few clouds and decided to go into Burnaby to visit Ray's mom. I cooked up an artichoke that I had bought for her, as well made some dipping sauce and we took it over for her to try. She was curious to see what it tasted like as she had never had one before. It was a hit. Back home by 1 pm, a few more chores and then at 3pm we were outside enjoying the sunshine again. Steve and Dianne came over about 3:30 to enjoy the sun as well. They do not get sunshine in their spot and it is quite cold.

Sunday, Easter Dinner at Dad's

The morning was quite sunny but then it clouded up a bit. By early afternoon the sun was back out again. Sure cheers you up.  I was up at Dad's by 12 noon to start preparing for our Easter Dinner and Ray went to have a hot tub. Dianne and Steve arrived at 3:30 to visit before dinner and help me blow up my new kayak, that was my Christmas Present for Ray and I from my Dad. Thanks guys. It sure has me excited to try it out later this spring. Everyone had to try sitting in it even Freya!

The boat was assembled in no time and it packed back down in minutes.  Steve said it was not very hard to blow up either.

While I was finishing up cooking dinner with Dianne's help, Ray and Steve took Freya for a walk and managed to scare up a geocache on the communty trail that is 2 houses up the road from Dad's.

Dinner turned out great, we had great company and thanks Steve and Dianne for the apple pie and ice cream for dessert. Larny did not make it back in time for dinner but we saved her a plate. She got back home at 7:30 and the rest of us departed for our own homes. A lovely afternoon and evening.

Monday, woke up to clouds. Today after I did some errands for Dad, we are picking up Steve and Dianne and going to Big Ridge Brewing for lunch. Their special on Monday's is a burger and a beer for $13.

We enjoyed a lovely lunch.

Look at these two cuties!

When we were done, Ray and I took them across the street to Johnstones BBQ to have a look at all of the wonderful barbeques. They were quite surprised to see so many in one store. After drooling over all the wonderful barbeque options that we either have no room for or $$$ for, we were all back home by 1 pm. Steve and Dianne off to their son's for a night as they have doctor's appointments in Vancouver tomorrow and we are leaving for the island for a couple of days

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