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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Peace Arch RV Park April 8th - 12th

Saturday morning ... another drizzly day but there is some hope for some sunny breaks this afternoon. We have had a pretty busy week with errands and dealing with stuff for Dad and Larny. Looking forward to having a day at home to catch up with laundry, cleaning and just plain taking time to "smell the coffee".

Daffidils at Elgin Park where Ray walks the dog


The sun came out for awhile. It sure makes your whole attitude brighten up. Took Dianne with me to Save-On for a few groceries and then Ray and I were at Dad's by 3 to visit and cook him dinner. Dad is not doing too well today, I think he has water in his lungs so somewhat uncomfortable. We all know that this is an eventuallity but it is kind of shocking that he was checked out by his cardiologist on Thursday and Sunday he starts having troubles with his faulty heart valve. Hopefully this is just a minor set-back as he does not want any surgery.


Overnight the rain began again but had dropped to a drizzel by 6 am. Rained off and on all day. I had a cleaning morning while Ray went to the pool for a hot tub. Called Dad and he is feeling somewhat better. The rest of the day we only went out for a short drive to pick up my prescription just to get out. Instant Pot Short Ribs was on the menu tonight and turned out wonderfully.

Even though the sound of spring is here at Peace Arch RV Park, with leaf blowers, tractors, trimming of bushes etc. No flowers as of yet. Here are some of last years pics.

Picture of last springs Rhododendrons here at Peace Arch May 2016

Peace Arch Garden last spring, May 2016


Woke up to clear skies, apparently it will be nice all day until tonight when the clouds will roll in again  preparing for more rain in the next couple of days. Wow it sure is wet this year. Ray and I still are "running around" getting appointments set up for this and that ... new phone plans, repairs for us and at Dad's, other paperwork for my Dad etc. and trying to get over to Burnaby twice a week to visit Ray's Mom, so even if we are somewhat housebound with the weather there is lots to keep us occupied.

Today we will go visit Ray's Mom and then we have an appointment with a landscaper at my Dad's at 4pm. We are going to try and get an RV spot made at Dad's so we are closer to him when we are here. Dad would like for this to happen. Another reason is that his front garden area is way too overgrown and  the house is not visible from the street. There are a lot of break-in's in the area and Dad's house was broken into 3 years ago with no one noticing because of all the foilage.

Unfortunately yestesrday morning, I noticed an unwanted guest had visited at some point as there was mouse poop in my pot cupboard. Ray reset our basement traps and put one in the pot cupboard. My plan was to clean everything out Tuesday morning and check for more evidence.

This morning, Tuesday, we opened the pot cupboard and we had caught the unwanted guest. So after checking all of the other drawers and cupboards under that kitchen counter I also noticed it had been making a house in my bottom drawer with the saran wrap, tin foil and ziploc bags. It had collected a ball of Freya's hair for it's nest and had a 1/2 cup of Freya's kibble stored in my half empty Ziploc box. I guess so the food was close to it's nest when it had babies or something. It had also pooped last night all over my kitchen counter. Yuck! It took me over 2 hours to wash with bleach everything on that side of the coach that the mouse could access. I am leaving everything out overnight tonight with another trap set in case the "husband" decides to come home!

Gonna catch you this time!

Dishes, dishes everywhere!

After my 2 plus hour cleaning frenzy it was time to go visit Ray's mom in Burnaby. We had a great visit and showed her a bunch of our pictures from this winter on her TV. At noon she went to lunch and we drove back to South Surrey. The day was beautiful and sunny and the snow capped mountains in Vancouver were showing all of their glory. It was much too nice to not get out and enjoy the sunshine before the rains come again tomorrow. We decided to take advantage of it and went to the beach in White Rock and had fish and chips sitting at one of the picnic tables on the promenade. What a glorious view. Back home for a couple of hours and then up to Dad's to meet the landscaper regarding making us a motorhome pad so we can stay there when we are in town.

You can eat in or take it out to the beach. Their portions are huge! This is "one piece Fish and Chips".

Image result for moby dicks fish and chips

I ordered 2 piece for Ray and I and ended up with enough food for 2 days! When you order 1 piece of fish you get 2. Order 2 piece you get 3 ... you get the idea.

Image result for white rock promenade picnic tables
Lunch with a view. (picture from google)

This restaurant was heavily featured on Trip Advisor!

On our way back to the coach we received a text from Steve and Dianne that they would be home shortly so  happy hour was arranged at our place to sit in the sun for an hour or so. We all called it quits at 6:30 am. A lovely end to a very busy day.

Wednesday morning we were up early .... 5 am as I had been dreaming about "mouse attack" all night. After checking that we had no visitors I felt much better. lol The rain started when we got up and did not end until 2:30 in the afternoon. Today Dianne came with me to run my errands for Dad and finally ending up at the nail salon at Walmart for our pedicures. Next up was a shared lunch at Whitespot and then home. A lovely morning. Thanks for keeping me company Di.


  1. I have had wonderful results for many years with whole cloves - just go to the Bulk Barn, buy a large bag, and generously sprinkle in your cupboards, etc. The mice do not like the smell, and since they run along edges of everything, that is where I tend to put the cloves. just an idea!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it.

  2. I bet it is good to see Steve and Dianne again! In your next post I better not see that you made them tater tots!

  3. Such a busy busy time for you between your Dad and Ray's Mom! So glad to be able to tag along on some errands and shopping trips!

    Didn't you say you were planning on serving us tater tots?! LOL!