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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Sunday Dinner, April 2 and 3rd

Sunday was not a good day for Ray or for my Dad. Both were in quite a bit of pain from the long day Saturday. This was also Larny's day off but she was not feeling well either with a sinus headache. When we arrived at Dad's at 3 pm, Larny was asleep in her chair and did not even hear me talk to Dad. She did not go out and was very thankful that she did not have to cook for Dad today and had dinner made for her too. Another success with my Instant Pot. Lamb Shanks with mashed potatoes and bok choy, garnished with bacon bits. Everyone enjoyed it but both Dad and Ray did not eat as much as usual as they hurt. Great for left overs though.

Monday we arrived at Dad's at 8 am as I was supposed to take him to Peace Arch Hospital for his Echo Cardiogram but the hospital had just called and cancelled as they had a sick employee. That left me available to drive Ray to pick up his mom to take her out for breakfast. Traffic was not too bad and we made it to her place by 9 am. We had a lovely breakfast at the IHOP and decided to stroll through Metrotown and shop at the TnT Market for Ray's shrimp dumplings. Ray's mom was dropped back off just in time for her lunch at the carehome.

On the way home we had to stop at a plumbing supply to get Dad a new toilet seat. (I think that is the reason he fell into the bathtub a few days ago and Larny had to call the ambulance to get him up.) Of course with an old toilet the replacement seat was fairly expensive. $100 can you believe it! Oh well it is worth it for his safety. Once back at Dad's, Ray had to install it. I took Larny out for a driving lesson and Ray came back home to rest. Another very long day for him and still in a lot of pain so a pain medication day. Hopefully tomorrow is better. Larny and I need to get out every day for her to practice driving as her third driving exam (she did not pass the last two times) is this Friday morning. Fingers crossed then she can take Dad to his appointments.

We still have lots of personal errands to run besides all of Dad's, but everything takes time. Hard to believe we have been here 2 weeks already.

Here are some "spring" pics Ray. Notice the bees. All of the blueberry farms around this RV Park have tons of Bee Boxes out for pollinating their fruit bushes so I think I will not put out my hummingbird feeders at this time.

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