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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Surrey, April 26 - 29th

Wednesday we left Squamish  at 9 to miss the rush hour traffic and arrived home by 10:30.  I went up to Dad's to check on him and get their grocery list.  While I was gone Ray went to the pool for a hot tub. Got back to the coach by about 3 and we sat out and enjoyed the afternoon sunshine for an hour.

Thursday was my big shopping trip and I was gone for 4 hours. Ray took a drive to White Rock to take some pictures.

Someone made an art picture in the sand.

The famous "White Rock" which the town is named after.

Dad and Betty used to take us to dinner at this Greek Restaurant.  The owners will reopen... eventually.

Friday I went to Dad's for a visit and Ray went to the pool. After running a few errands for Dad we came back home to the coach for a couple of hours before heading out to Coquitlam to meet up with my cousin, Gord and his wife Suzanna for Sushi. We had a great meal at Gord's favorite Sushi Restaurant and then we all went up to Gord's parents, my aunt and uncle  Ken and Norma, for a short visit. By 7:15, My cousin Pam came over for a quick hello before going to pick up her daughter. Ray was done with his back spasming so it was time to come back home, especially since Kristi was arriving from Nanaimo to spend the night with us. Always great to see our lovely daughter. Of course Freya loves to have her favorite "bed partner" as well. As usual Ray and I forgot to take pictures so here are some facebook ones of our family.

Here is Gord's picture of Suzanna and him taken last summer in Tucson.

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My Aunt and Uncle, Ken and Norma

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My Cousin, Pam. Fishing is one of her most favorite things!

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Saturday, Kristi and I went up to Dad's for a short visit before we all went to Burnaby to meet up with Ray's sister and brother-in-law, Judy and Milt, who came up from Tacoma to visit Mum for the day. We all went out for lunch at White Spot and then went our separate ways while Milt and Judy went back to Mum's.

Lovely to see you all. Mum said it was the best surprise ever to have us all together.

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