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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Monday, 29 May 2017

A taste of the summer weather. May 27 - 28

The weather has been fabulous with temps up to 26C. Lovely sunny days.

This week has been busy with arranging for quotes on a new roof, pest control and going to the hospital to visit Ray's mum. I made us a little sitting area under the trees in the front garden as it is in the shade for most of the day. The back yard, I find, is way too hot for this kid. In the front there is almost always a slight breeze making it quite enjoyable. As we sit there, we can see the hummers coming to the feeders too. This area used to be thick with bushes you could not see through it.

On Monday I made pork tenderloin on the BBQ for dad and he really enjoyed it. Larny took Monday off to take Mark with some friends to Alouette Lake. Too funny ... they all use their cell phones as GPS but there is no cell service near the lake and they got lost. Took them from 8:30 am to noon before they finally got to the lake! Anyways they had a great day.

Saturday, Garrett and Kat came to visit and wash the coach for us. They also helped with a bunch of brushing that needed to be done in the back yard.

You now can see through the trees to the back.
Kat helped me load up the bagster bag with all of the junk from the garage that was riddled with mouse droppings ... very stinky stuff. Apparently the mice and rats moved in last winter and made a huge mess. Ray found at 3 nests. When I had pest control come for an estimate on the ants and rat control they found evidence of nesting in the roof as well. Yuck. Well the new roof and new vents will solve that problem and I think since the garage is emptied out and we will set traps, that should eliminate the mice and rats this year. There was old cat food and a filled litter box still buried amongst all the junk that had been stacked up in there. Now the garage is empty except for Kerri and Steve's winter tires and some stuff that will go into a garage sale. Quite the job to get done off of our list.

 (Pictures not as good as usual as I took them with my phone! :) )

Garrett washing the coach

"The Junk" it is actually bigger than it looks. The bag will hold a full sheet of gyproc.

And there it goes!

The girls enjoying being together again.

Kat starting to get tired.

There she goes!

I made a barbequed prime rib for dinner with corn on the cob. Larny contributed fried rice and salad and we also had a lovely dessert from Costco, a blueberry cream cheese crumble. We had great evening. visiting with Garrett and Kat. Mark came back from his first day of work around 8:30 pm, one very tired and sore guy. All he could say was "hard work" going up 3 stories up a ladder carrying stuff. Don't know if he will continue?

Sunday morning, after a big breakfast of pancakes and bacon, it was Garrett's turn to have a nap as they had been out late on Friday night. By 10:30 am it was just Dad and I left. Larny and Mark left at 9 for her day off and Ray went to visit his mum. Watering all of the new plants was first up on my list and then I finished dragging all of the cut down brush into the back compost area. Next I planted my herbs in the greenhouse while popping in and out to check on Dad. He slept in his chair most of the afternoon as it was so warm in the house. Although we keep trying to get him to come outside, he refuses.

For Sunday dinner, Ray stopped at TNT Market at Metrotown and bought 3 huge dungeness crabs for dinner. This was an early Father's Day present for Dad and Ray. I made up a seafood sauce and garlic butter sauce. Ray shucked all of Dad's crab for him. A nice bottle of white wine.  We all pigged out. Yumm. Expensive but worth it. Ray and I also have leftovers for tonight, might have to pop a new bottle of wine as no leftovers there.


  1. Barbequed prime rib! We are on our way!!!!!

  2. Wow...you guys have been busy. The yard looks great!

    1. Thanks, Larny and her husband are doing a great job with the pruning and getting rid of a lot of overgrowth and weeds in the back yard as well. New roof scheduled for first two weeks in July and I talked them into taking down the old rotten shed in the back yard for $200 cash and disposing of it too. I am turning into quite the negotiator! lol