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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Move to Dad's May 16-19

Tuesday, May 16

Today is a very busy day. We had previously arranged Coit Carpet Cleaning to come and clean the carpets and colour the grout on the tiles and seal it so it does not look "dirty" any more. They did a fabulous job. While I was making sure that was done, Ray went to the hospital to visit his mum. Unfortunately there was an accident on the Alex Fraser Bridge so he managed to get turned around and take the Port Mann instead but it took over an hour to get to the hospital. Pretty sad for him watching his mom deteriorate.  As the motorhome is all ready to move as everything had been picked up for the cleaning we decided to move it to dad's this afternoon rather than first thing Wednesday morning. It took a bit to get "leveled" with the soft dirt but we managed. Now we are ready for Shaw Cable to hook us up first thing tomorrow morning. The main reason we moved today is to not be in a rush tomorrow. Here are some pictures of our new camping spot!

View from the front window

Wednesday, May 17

We had a great sleep as it so quiet here at Dad's. I will go to the hospital this morning and Ray will deal with getting hooked up with Shaw Cable. As it turned out I got the days wrong. Shaw is coming tomorrow. Oh well it is nice to be settled at Dad's. Mum seemed a little more "with it" this morning but still not much improvement on her left side. Mostly cloudy all day until 6 pm when the sun finally broke through.

Thursday, May 18

Cloudy again! Geezzz. Hopefully it will smarten up later. The Shaw Cable guy arrived at about 8:30 am. Nothing is as easy as it seems. We ended up putting the cables straight into the PVR through the slides as we were not getting a sufficient signal going through the coach wiring. The coach is 6 years old ... so maybe that is why. Anyways there apparently is something wrong at the pole on the street and the new PVR's do not work in the coach. We had to take the PVR from the office and use it for now in the coach until they sort it out. With it being a long-weekend I am not holding my breath. At least we get some TV now. Too bad for Dad's caregiver ... he loses the TV in the office until we get our problem resolved.

Ray went to visit his mum for lunch. She is doing better as far as her cognitive abilities but her left arm is totally flacid so it does not look good for going back to assisted living. She is also quite cranky ... that is one of the symptoms of a stroke, especially in the area of her brain the second stroke hit. Ray's cousins, Nicki and Val came up today from Lynnwood, Washington to visit with Mum late this afternoon. Ray's brother Ryan is coming over this weekend for a few days so that will lighten our load. I must admit we are getting pretty bushed especially since I have errands for my Dad as well. Next week we should find out more as to what Mum can do and what long-term prognosis might be ... rehab or just long-term care. Long term care means cleaning out her apartment but we will cross that bridge when it comes.

Kristi and Jason had planned to try and get over here this weekend but Kristi is working 90 plus hours a week at the moment and is exhausted. Since Ryan is coming and Ray's sister and husband are coming for a visit on Saturday, Mum should also have friends visiting on the weekend so I told her not to bother and look after herself. If things change with Mum's condition I would let her know.

Friday, May 19

Another morning that is cloudy ... still promising sunshine for the rest of the weekend though. I believe it when I see it. Dad's caregiver, Larny, returns today with her husband from the Philipines. Dad is very excited to see her as they really bonded last year as she became "his person" right after Betty died. She has been calling regularly so I know she misses Dad as well.

I went to visit mum while Ray waited for the Shaw Cable guys to come again and fix the wire at the road. They were unable still, to hook us and Dad's house up properly so for now we have the office PVR and Dad has his own.

Larny and her husband arrived at about 5:20 pm. Ray and I stayed in the motorhome to let them get settled. They had travelled for over 24 hours so were pretty tired. We will have lots of time to get to know Mark, Larny's husband in the coming days.


  1. So sorry to read about Ray's mom, such a difficult period in life.....we will be thinking of you.

  2. It is a difficult time. My Dad is not doing so well either which is why we have put our summer plans on hold. Don't know if we are going south this winter either. At least we have a free lovely campsite for the next few months and the weather has finally smartened up. Have fun on your travels.