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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Peace Arch Park May 3 - 6

Wednesday I had a dental appointment for cleaning my teeth and then Ray and I met up with Dianne and Steve for lunch at the Beatnic Bistro in Fort Langley for some lunch. Great visit catching up from their trip to the island. It started out quite rainy but cleared up late afternoon.

Thursday, appointment at the Bank with Dad, grocery shopping and a hair cut for me. It was a gorgeous sunny day so the rest of the afternoon was spent outside enjoying the warm weather. The neighbours, Fred and Maggie, came for a visit as well. Barbecued steak for dinner. The forecasted clouds came in and by 7pm it was raining. We did not hear any thunder though, but apparently there were lots quite close to us.

Friday morning we woke up to drizzle. As it's a lousy day, Ray got to his honeydo list and I decided to take John,  Dad's temporary care-giver, to Costco.  We purchased some plants for their planter pots also 3 more rhododendrons to replace the 3 huge ones being removed as they are blocking windows in the front of the house. I am concerned about their safety with all of the break-in's in the area. It seems that one or two incidents happen every week in their neighbourhood. As well, I have arranged for some pruning of their front garden so the house is visible from the street. 3 years ago Dad was broken into while he was in hospital.  By the time the police came with the alarm it was too late.

Since the garden is being done we are also having the trees beside the driveway pruned way back to open it up so the  motorhome will be able to park there. Dad's power lines come in pretty low to the house but Ray is hoping with the trees and shrubs being pruned 4 feet back he should be able to fit beside the wires. If we don't fit then we will have to have the power pole at the garage roof raised up to fit us at a significant cost, hopefully that is not the case. The motorhome is about 12'8" max tall, the electric cable is about 13 feet but the cable and phone are only 10'6". The electrician is coming next week as well, to put in a dedicated 50 amp or 30 amp plug for the motorhome, whichever he is uable to do. He is also going to try and put in a motion detector light for the front driveway to help with security.

View to the road from the carpot

View to the house. (A new roof is happening this summer!)

It will be nice being able to stay in the motorhome at Dad's so we are closer and Freya loves Dad's back yard and the trails in the area.

Photo by Dianne and Steve

I was back at home by noon to meet with the Coit Carpet guy to give us an estimate for cleaing the grout and rugs in the coach. They actually scrape down the grout, put in the colour you want and then seal it so it is guaranteed for 10 years so no more staining and your floor looks brand new. This is a tad expenive but with their 35% off sale it sounds like a plan to me. We have scheduled them for May 16th.  Ray and I have bounced back and forth about replacing the carpet as it looks dirty even though it is mostly covered with rugs to keep the dog hair and dirt off of it. This should give a new life for a few more years.

It rained most of the day and did not clear up until about 6 pm so at least Ray and Freya did not get wet for their last major walk for the day.

Saturday morning it was quite cloudy but at least no rain. By 8 am the sun broke through the clouds so hopefully it is a nice day. I have the "day off" from errands for Dad so will enjoy just hanging out here at home.

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