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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Ode to Mum (Doris Irene Kyle) RIP

Sunday, July 23rd

Doris Irene Kyle (Rene) with William Verner Kyle (Bill)

Five minutes before Ray was leaving to see Mum at the carehome, he received a call she'd passed away 10 minutes earlier. We expected this outcome sometime in the next few weeks, but not the next day after her care plan was changed. Even though you know the time is coming, it still feels like a shock when it actually happens.

Mum lived on this earth for 93 years, her birthday June 18th, 1924. She lived for spending time with her family, spoiling all of us by taking us out to various restaurants. She loved to try new foods. Mum had a wonderful group of friends that she made over the years from volunteering in Burnaby at the Edmonds Community Centre and her singing group. All of these people came to visit her at the hospital and carehome over the past 2 1/2 months since her stroke. Mum was absolutely crazy for dogs. She always had treats ready for any dog she would come upon.

Mum always was up for a new adventure. We even took her fishing for the first time about 10 years ago where she caught her first fish.

She was a very independant lady, living on her own since Ray's Dad passed away in 1986. Mum was in her own apartment until last fall when we moved her into assisted living as she was unable to cook for herself anymore and found herself slowing down with her atrial fibrilation. She loved living at Courtyard Terrace with her own apartment and especially loved the food that they served there  and actually gained 5 pounds after she moved in.

Years ago at Rathtrevor Beach

Christmas in Port Alberni

Barbeque at Fort Camping

Christmas at my Dad's in Coquitlam

Spoiling us again with dinner out.

The last dinner we were all out for together, Garrett's birthday dinner March 31st, 2017

Garrett's Birthday Dinner
May 7th she unfortunately had a stroke which she never recovered from and after 6 weeks a place was found for her at Dania Home in Burnaby. They took fantastic care of her and we were very pleased with how friendly and attentive the staff were with her.

After receiving the news, Ray had trouble sitting around so I sent him off to the Darts Hill Garden Park, located a couple of miles from Dad's house.  He wanted to have a walk and take some pictures in memory of his Mum. She loved the pictures of places we've been and loved gardens. Mum  had volunteered at the gardens of her seniors apartment complex she lived at for many years when she was able to.  Whenever we returned from our travels, Ray would prepare a chronological slide show so she could enjoy our trip.

It being Sunday, I stayed to look after my Dad.


Darts Hill Garden is the result of over 70 years of work and dedication guided by the clear vision of Francisca Darts. Along with her husband Edwin, Francisca took a logged piece of land, turned it first into an award winning orchard and then into the unique garden that is Darts Hill today.
Francisca’s curiosity and love of the new and interesting has resulted in the most diverse collection of mature tree and shrub species in the Pacific Northwest. Many were planted from seed collected from around the world.
In 1994 Edwin and Francisca Darts donated their 7.5-acre garden to the City of Surrey and its citizens.  Their intention was to give Surrey its own garden to be used as a horticultural centre for the preservation, enhancement, and development of plants.  The non-profit Darts Hill Garden Conservancy Trust Society works in partnership with the City of Surrey towards these goals.

RIP Mum. We know you have wished for this day for at least 5 years. Now you are with Bill and no longer in any pain. We will miss you lots.


  1. A lovely tribute, Deb...and fabulous pictures of the gardens, Ray. Our condolences to you both...

    Rest in Peace, Mum...

    1. Thanks Di, she will be missed by all of her many friends and our family. Most of the friends and family managed a visit with her in the the past month to say goodbye as she was declining. We were amazed at how many visitors she received.

  2. Sorry for your loss, sounds like she was a strong independent woman.