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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Art Sculpture Walk, Castlegar

Hard to believe that we are back on the road in two days. We woke up to overcast skies with showers in the forecast so I was able to have a cleaning day without roasting myself. Temps dropped to 18 C today from 36 C of yesterday. The rain really picked up later in the afternoon with a few breaks enabling us to walk Freya.

Ray went into town to photograph some of the art sculptures before the rain began and then stopped to have a hot tub at the community pool. Nice to have a relaxing day. Here is a sampling of the sculptures in town. They are for purchase if you want as well ranging from $4100 to $55,000!

Enforcer of the truth
Imagine the Stories
Lighthouse Fireball
Lunar Flyer
Patient Hunter 
Sculpture Regeneration  
Share the Road
Slow Emergency  
That was it for our day.

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