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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Castlegar June 5 & 6

Sunday morning we woke up to another stellar day. Temps forecasted climbing to 35C and they did. After our usual morning routine we decided to take the 30 km drive up the highway to Nelson and check out the Community RV Park to see if we would fit and also check out the Walmart and see if you can really park overnight there. What a lovely drive up the Kootenay River.

The Community RV Park is located right down town and very small but they do have two sites we would fit in. (Not Dianne and Steve! lol). Ray checked with Walmart and they said that they did not own the parking lot so it was not up to them and the owners didn't allow overnighters.

We drove a little further down the highway towards Balfour to check out another RV park called Birch Grove RV and Marine. They looked to have a few sites available but was mostly a seasonal resort. Pretty though.

At Balfour, where the ferry dock is for the ride across Kootenay Lake, we ate at the pub for lunch before returning back to Castlegar. The Dock N Duck Pub was fairly expensive. Their price for 2 piece halibut and chips was $32!!! Ray and I decided to just share a burger.

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View of the Balfour Ferry from the restaurant (google)

Ray will take pictures of the area when we back there to stay in a couple of weeks.

Monday morning, another beautiful day and it is supposed to get even hotter to 37 C!!! (It actually got to 37.4 C Sent Ray out early to fuel up the car (there are fuel shortages here as well) and go for a hot tub at the community aquatics center before it gets too hot. Turns out he had to go to three gas stations to find one with fuel.  Today we're planning to just stay at camp and do some chores. It is going to be too hot to do anything else and Ray needs a day off with his back. I did the grocery shopping and other than taking Freya to the river for some swims it was a pretty quiet day. Tomorrow it is supposed to start cooling off slightly so we can resume touring.

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