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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Fort Steele Historic Park

We packed up again this morning and the coach was back into the shop by 9:30 am. As it was going to be a few hours we decided to tour Fort Steele Historic Park as Freya was allowed to come and it is hot out again. It took us 2 hours to tour the town .... more than we wanted, but we sucked it up and kept on going as we had no home to go back to. Ray is really going to pay for this now and have to take one of "Alice's little blue pills" to survive this many days out of our routine.  Fortunately we finished walking around the place as the clouds opened up just as we reached the car. We may go back and do just the steam train, a 20 minute ride around the place in the next couple of days.

Hi Ya Freya!
These guys were pretty curious about the dog too.

Fort Steele offers wagon rides as well as steam train rides here ... all at a cost of course. The steam train was out of service today and we could not take Freya on the wagon.

Even the employees were trying to stay in the shade.

We checked on the coach at about 12:30 and they were "waiting for the okay from the Extended Warranty people and BCAA for the tow damage. It turned out that not only did the idiot that towed us wreck the exhaust pipe for the generator and bend the steel angle iron holding up the generator he also cracked the lower fiberglass cap with his impatience of unhooking the coach from his apparatus which we witnessed. Anyways BCAA paid the portion of our bill to fix the exhaust pipe and angle iron to the tune of $700. We still do not know about the cracked fiberglass and would not get it fixed until September. The extended warranty company is still fighting with Freightliner about not wanting to pay the whole bill less our deductible. Horse Shi....... Freightliner people have been awesome and I would recommend the guys in Cranbrook to anyone needing Cummins Diesel Care. Anyways, they let us leave today and we are back at Fort Steel Resort for the night. I managed to be able to book for three more days but in a 30 amp site as it is the long-weekend and we do not know which direction we are going in yet. Ray's mom seems stable at home. Ray is couched here for now and other than moving to our new spot tomorrow we are not going anywhere. Later this weekend we may drive to Kimberley and see the mine museum and train ride. We shall see.

Here is a picture of where we take Freya for a swim and throw the chuck it for her, a two minute drive from the campsite.

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  1. Those breakdowns and dealing with all involved can be so stressful. Loved Fort Steele.