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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Nelson, BC June 21-23

Ray and I left Kaslo by 9:30 before the forecasted showers and headed to Nelson an hour away. We managed to reserve for 3 days at the Nelson City Campground (a week plus in advance as nothing was available earlier to fit us which is why we ended up going to Kaslo).  This campsite is certainly nothing to write home about! Ray had some things he wanted to see/photograph so I booked in here as there is nothing else available in the area. Very small with only 3 sites that would fit us and they are stacked sites. Some poor couple is stuck behind us in a tent with having to put their car in the campsite next to us close to the dirt bank beside another small Class B and a small Class C. Amenities of only 30 amp power and water with a sani-dump. No satellite TV, and no satellite radio just cell service and slow WIFI for $35/night plus GST. Oh well, it is only for 3 days. We do have a peak a boo view of the lake though. Getting here up the skinny roads, Ray managed to hit tree branches, and had to back up 100 feet onto busy roads twice. (I was already at the campsite waiting for him so could not help him at all!) Not very good signage, but no damage thankfully. Not a do again. The upside is they have a fantastic off-leash dog park along Kootenay Lake that goes for miles. Freya had a blast.

Wednesday morning we went for a walk on Baker Street and surprise, they were having their farmer's market. Scooped some vine ripe tomatoes and guess what? there is a local gin and vodka distillery nearby so after a tasting sample, I just had to buy a bottle of their gin. Yumm. I asked about chocolate vodka and he is going to ask the distiller. :)

Baker Street buildings
Baker Street
Baker Street Market
Baker Street Market
"The Landing"

A few more of the sculptures were on display here on Baker's Street on loan from Castlegar so Ray took some pictures of them too.

I am Dancer


Jackson's Hole and Grill
Lunchtime!!! Feed me!!! So off we went to a local pub called the Jackson's Hole and Grill located in a historic building on Vernon Street. They feature Nelson Brewery Beer so we had to try that too.

I had the Hooligan Pilsner and Ray had the Hemp Ale. Both on the lighter side and very tasty served up in frosted glasses. Their fish and chips were good and Ray's grilled salmon burger which also is excellent. Very friendly atmosphere and good customer service. I would recommend this pub.

Once fueled up we headed back down to the water to take the trolley tour along the water. Ray snapped a few quick pictures of the Waterfront Park before the ride. You get a 20 minute ride for $3 each ... what a deal. The trolley is run by a team of volunteers.

City beach at Waterfront Park

We went a little longer walking today as the weather tomorrow is 70% showers and thunderstorms. Back home Ray laid in bed for awhile to recoup, and off to the dog park Freya and I went for an hour's walk. She swam in every little bay and had a great time. What a great dog park and only a 5 minute drive from the campsite.

Over the past few days Ray went out for short drives as everything is at most ten minutes away and took his pictures of buildings and gardens that he wanted to photograph so here they are.
Art Gallery

KWC Block Circa 1900

Train Station

The next three pictures are of Cottonwood Falls Park.

Cottonwood Falls

City Marina

Eagle Dancer

The Blaylock Mansion resides on the shores of Kootenay Lake and is surrounded by 3 acres of gardens with waterfalls, fountains, ponds and an arboretum, this upscale B&B in a historic mansion is 7.1 km from Downtown. http://www.blaylock.ca/about-us/history/

Nasookin, http://www.nelsonstar.com/news/205239891.html (read all about how it got here and something to do with a politician we know, Pat Carney)
Thursday morning before the rain begins (6:30 am) Ray took a drive to Gyro Park behind the campsite to get some overlook pictures of the City of Nelson.

Public swimming pools

So here I sit at 10 am finishing up the blog and the rain has begun. It will be a movie day I think as we have no satellite TV plus I will also bake a batch of cookies for Ray. Looking forward to moving on to a nicer campsite tomorrow ... Cranbrook here we come.


  1. How great that it was an off-leash park! Love the waterfall picture, did you use a filter on it? Some great building shots too!