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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Pend D'Oreille Recreation Area, Trail June 10th, 11th& 12th

On the road in a light rain by 9:20 am, leaving Castlegar. We really enjoyed our days there. Next it was onward through Trail to the BC Hydro’s Buckley Bay Campsite on the Pend D'Oreille pronounced Pon der Ray (Ray’s pond) how fitting.

As it was only just over an hour away from Castlegar, by 11 am we were set up in the only spot left that would fit us, a double campsite. Both Ray and I were surprised that with the past few days being rainy that there were 9 other campers here taking up almost all of the lakeside spots. There are only 22 campsites here and only 3 or 4 would fit us, but we lucked out as usual. (Steve and Dianne you would not fit except maybe in the double site and then have to park your truck a short distance away in the day use parking lot.) We had lunch and then a few units pulled out. I think they were waiting for the rain to quit. That allowed for one other spot available on the water that would fit us and as we could not get Satellite TV where we were …  we moved.­­­­ Now we overlook the lake, so pretty. A minimal setup was completed again and as soon as we were done the skies opened up and it rained pretty good for the next few hours. Good thing we now get TV to occupy Ray and of course my shows will be taped. The only downside is that there is no cell service here so we will have to make the 15-minute drive into Trail daily to check for messages while we do some touring of the area.

At 4 pm it had cleared up enough that I made us a campfire, we were also left some wood at this site. Bonus! They sell firewood if you want it. Ray and I enjoyed sitting out and looking at the lake for the next couple of hours before we went in for dinner. We did see a few fish rise and even an osprey snagged a small trout so there are fish here. There is pike, bass and trout. Ray’s back is pretty sore so I think a couple of days of doing nothing is in his forecast before we start to investigate the area and perhaps get out his new pontoon boat for its inaugural run. We can launch it at the boat launch and bring it up right behind our site as there is a gate to access the water.

Well so much for resting!!!  Saturday morning up at 7 am and turned on the generator to charge up the batteries and make coffee. At 8 am I turned off the generator and then ...... no electric power whatsoever! Turned the genie back on ... still no power. Checked all fuses that we could find and still nothing. The generator would allow the electric to work for a minute and then the electric would trip again. At least it stayed on long enough to get the Satellite Dish down. So after a quick pack up we were back to the town of Trail to Rock City RV Sales and Service and of course it is Saturday. They could not help us today but said to come in first thing Monday morning and they will see???? (Apparently to make an appointment it is a month's wait) They suggested we stay at the City of Trail's campground across the street as they had 30 amp power  and water sites with access to a sani-dump. We managed to snag a site for a week for $140. Next we had to unplug the fridge and plug it into an extension cord and another extension cord inside to run the TV, PVR and coffee maker etc. and run our 50 amp cord down to 30 amp down to 15 amp with a splitter so we can have some power inside the coach. Thank goodness the battery stuff ... i.e. furnace and lights still work. So the inside of the coach has extension cords everywhere.

We had a similar incident 1 1/2 years ago in Phoenix and it turned out that a transfer switch had stuck when we blew out a 300 amp fuse. I believe we have a transfer switch stuck again so the inverter will not come on line. Hopefully they can source the problem on Monday because parts are 3 days out we are told. I wish I knew where what transfer switch is stuck and if I just need to bang it or something. According to posts in iRV2 on Phaeton's this is not an uncommon problem and the large transfer switch needs to be replaced??? Hopefully if this turns out to be the case it will be covered under our extended warranty.

Sunday morning, one of our neighbours behind us, has a Phaeton and he banged on the transfer switches and it seems we may now have proper shore power at least... still no inverter though. At least my "house" was put back to normal. Fingers crossed tomorrow that this gets sorted out. There is lots to see in the area so we won't be bored while we wait for parts.

As today is the only sunny day in the forecast for several days we took advantage of doing a little driving around town for Ray to take some pictures. After we came back and had lunch it was time for Ray to head off to the Aquatics Center to have a hot tub, another unexpected bonus for staying here in town.

The City of Trail is well-known for it's rock walls and covered stairs. As Trail is in the Columbia River Valley with steep hills on either side, and the river constantly flooding,  houses were built on small benches.  The city began building covered staircases in the 1920s.  The west hillside is connected by 104 sets of covered stairs.  There is a map in the Trail Community Guide you can follow and take 28,000 steps if you wish!   If you lived here without a car you sure would get your exercise.

Covered stairs and rock walls

Old bridge that they are in the process of re-purposing to a pedestrian bridge. See the covered stairs at the end up to the houses on the hill?

The next pictures are from Trail's Gyro Park. A beautiful place for people to go on hot summer days. The river is quite high now so a lot of the boulders are under water where people sit cooling off in the Columbia River.

Picture taken by the boat launch at Gyro Park.

Next is a very windy road up to the"Lookout" naturally called Lookout Road. It makes Lombardi Drive in San Fran look small in comparison. I bet I drove up 2 km to get to the top... yes you could see the Edge's taillights in the side mirrors!

But the picture was worth it.

The roads we came down the mountain were all very narrow with small houses lined on either side. It reminded me of visiting Jerome in Arizona.

On the way down the "mountain" we found the newly fixed up Piazza Colombo, part of the Italian heritage here in Trail. A very cute little park. 

This is from the Rotary Park walkway downtown, gorgeous.

Rock Island in the Columbia River. See the fisherman on the right-hand shore.

Another great day turning lemons into lemonade!

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  1. We camped a few years ago just above the Buckley Bay Camground under the power lines. We were uncertain that we would fit anywhere. Have an ATV buddy in Trail that gave us an ATV tour of the area. Never explored Trail itself so thanks for the tour. Dianne was blow drying her hair yesterday and our Inverter tripped and the display said trying a reset which it never did. This had never happened before but I managed to do a manual reset and all is good...so far.