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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Rossland, Trail's Rock Walls and Covered Stairs

Yesterday morning while the sun was still out, Ray and I drove to Rossland which is only 9 km up the mountain from Trail to have a look around. Ray noticed there is an old gold mine up there, a couple of the metal sculptures from Castlegar and a Brewery. Trail's elevation is about 1450 feet (440M) and Rossland is 3350 Feet (1023M). A rise of almost 2000 feet in 9 km.

"Rossland's physical history dates back approximately two million years, when a volcano erupted in the Monashee Mountains.

Rare minerals rich in gold ore were created from this volcanic eruption that spewed across Red Mountain. The fortune in gold lay hidden through the ages awaiting discovery. In 1865, Rossland became linked with other nearby villages. Interest in gold mining in the area was increasing and the British were seeking to tighten their grip on potential prospects, so a trail was created to provide access to the BC interior. The hope was that the Dewdney Trail, a 400km/248mi route leading from Hope to Fort Steele, and past the present site of Rossland, would improve transportation to and from the ore-rich mountains. Rossland was incorporated in 1897 and was, at that time, one of the largest cities in Western Canada." 

We went directly to the Visitor's Center which also features the Le Roi mine museum. We were able to take a few pictures outside but the actual mine site up on the hill was mostly rubble now. We could have paid $8 a piece to see the info in the 1 room museum and walk up the hill to see the old mine site. Even the access tunnel had been collapsed, the visitor center employee told us. Needless to say was said "thanks but no thanks".

Air Compressor used for 75 years.
Next we went to the main street, Columbia Street, to stroll the couple blocks to view the shops and old buildings. Very cute. They have a wonderful grocery store there that is very similar to Thrifty Foods. Very good produce , deli, bakery and meat departments although a little pricey but great selection. I actually bought a flash frozen sockeye fillet for tonight's dinner for $11 .. not too bad I thought.

Bank of Montreal circa 1900

Bank of Toronto circa 1896
Commercial Buildings circa 1901
La Ronde and Rodier block circa 1898
Street view of Columbia Street
Montreal Hotel circa 1898
 Notice the skies are beginning to darken as we drove around ... I think the thundershowers will be coming soon.

Post Office 
Ray found where the brewery was located so we walked around it and unfortunately it was closed for another hour until noon and did not serve food, just had a tasting bar. Bummer. The girl at the Visitor's Center suggested a good place for lunch was at the Steam Shovel Restaurant located in one of the oldest hotel's in Rossland that had been refurbished. Unfortunately it was closed util 3 pm. Walking around it seemed none of the restaurants open until dinner!!!  Unless of course you go just to a coffee shop. Ray and I decided just to drive up a few of the streets to see some of the old houses and then make our way back into Trail and have lunch at home.

Courthouse Circa 1894 National Historic Building
Private Residence
Private residence that is for sale
The back of the same house.
United Church

Here are 2 more metal sculptures that were leased from Castlegar for display.

Sculpture "V Formation"

You turn a bicycle wheel to have the geese flap there wings so of course I had to try it.

Sculpture - Sphere with the Burnes and Co. building.
On the way back to camp though I had noticed a diner sign so we went there and ate wonderful burgers.

Ray went for a few short photo shoots on his own the past couple of days for specific things he wanted to see. Here are some pictures of the Trail's famous rock walls and covered stairs.

Above is a shot of a large chunk of the 28,000 steps you can take.  There is a "Trail's Rock Walls" pamphlet to pick up at the Visitor Centre.  (Parking at the Visitor Centre is minuscule and was closed on Saturday, and Sunday apparently, when we first arrived).  Each walk is named after Italian pasta meals.  The rock walls and steps are everywhere as the oldest part of town goes straight up the mountain.  Needless to say, parking is at a premium up these streets.  Below is a shot combining both rock wall and the steps.  These steps are some of the earliest as you can see by the rocks used to construct the steps.  Later examples are concrete.

Bell St. rock wall combination, according to the pamphlet, a must see.
More steps and one of the many murals found throughout town.
Tomorrow we leave and head to Kaslo for a few days. It will be nice to have a change of scenery again.

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  1. Rossland looks like a very cool little town. We missed that one! ☹️