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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Syringa Provincial Park, June 7th

Ray and I took a drive back to Syringa Provincial Park along Lower Arrow Lake to see if we could find Tulip Falls which is located 3 km past the campsite. Before we arrived there though, we came upon a small family of 4 mountain sheep on the side of the road. They seemed totally unconcerned with us being there and after viewing them for 5 minutes or so they just waited for us to pass by them in the car. The next is a picture of the lake from the logging road. Tulip Falls is a short 200 m walk up along a creek. What a beautiful sight. Again the temps this afternoon were over 36 C Hot! Hot! Hot!

View from the logging road of Lower Arrow Lake

Next it was off to the falls. Ray got to try all of his camera stuff!

We also went to see Verigin's Tomb which was on the way to Syringa. A lovely garden but unfortunately all chain-linked up so you cannot walk the site.

Verigin Memorial Park is a Doukhobor burial site and flower garden located on a hillside approximately 2.5 km off Highway 3A between Castlegar and Nelson. It is a tranquil place with spectacular scenic views of the Kootenay and Columbia River Valleys. The meticulously manicured flower gardens and grounds are funded and maintained by the USCC organization with support from other Doukhobor societies and friends. (Google)

Here are some views looking over Castlegar from the road going to Verigin's Tomb. Spectacular.

You can see our campsite with the back of the drive-in theater's screen.

See the Sun Dog (Cloud)

The dog needed a walk so Ray took her around the Doukhobor Museum, just up the road from our campsite, to get some pictures of the buildings. We did not bother going into the museum as they wanted $10/person and we had already seen the wonderful museum in Grand Forks displaying probably the same things.

This is an old mechanical fruit sprayer that was pulled by a horse.

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