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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Waneta Dam and Columbia River June 15

After making Ray and I crepes with strawberries and whipping cream for breakfast, we decided to go for a drive while it was still sunny. We went down the rest of Highway 22 towards the US Border to view the Waneta Dam which was only 12 km away. This dam is located on the Pend'dOreille River 9 km downstream from the Seven Mile Dam and is right before the river meets the Columbia River, a kilometer before the Canada/US border. It was built to supply power to Teck Resources here in Trail.
Waneta Dam
Right at the dam you take a one lane bridge over the River adjacent to this Rail Bridge.

View of the Columbia River from Highway 22

While we were driving down Highway 22 towards the dam we noticed this "free camping" area a short ways past the turn-off to the Seven Mile Dam Road (Pend d'Orveille) under the power lines. There was not too much garbage around, and had evidence of quite a few fire pits, probably used by campers fishing the Columbia River.

A little steep getting down to the water but in one spot someone has made a shelter from the rain and there are 2 plastic chairs set up for the fisherman. Definitely something to keep in mind for the future. Dianne and Steve ... you would fit.

The rest of the day we spent hanging out inside as it was quite cool out. Ray went to the hot tub in town but is not very impressed with the jets and said it was not very helpful. The last 2 days his back has gotten worse again even though he has not been doing much of anything. Kind of discouraging.

Later at 4 pm the sun came out again, so we drove across the road with Freya to the trail for a walk  to the River. to get some fresh air. Down by the river we noticed the stripes in the rocks ... reminds us of the "rock fences" in the Alabama Hills. Same idea anyways.

Rock Stripes ... and Freya's paddling pond. She seems real respectful of moving water so I do not need to worry quite so much of her jumping into the roaring river.
Rock Island

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  1. Looks like a good area and if Steve and Dianne can fit then anyone can fit!