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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Aztec, New Mexico

Friday morning we left the Mesa Verde RV Park by 10 am for the short drive to Durango and then south on Highway 550 to Aztec, New Mexico. The drive was spectacular, up over the La Platta Mountains and then down into the valley with all of the fall colours. Ray and I even passed a small ski-hill chairlift being serviced for the coming season. No snow yet but it is a commin!

We arrived about 1 1/2 hours later into Aztec and were set up shortly after. The plan is to visit the Aztec Ruins National Monument, and hunt up some sandstone arches. We only have 2 days to see stuff so that will probably be as much as we get done. The weather is forecasted to be around 75 F for the next few days so we will take it! Not a bad campsite and the walk along the river is excellent for Freya.

Dry camping area. Too treed for Satellite Dish but beautiful.

What! I want both sticks!
OH NO!!! Trouble in Paradise! Saturday as we had a lazy morning we decided to check out the Aztec Arches and see the ruins at 8 am on Sunday so Ray could get some good morning sun. The map you get from the Visitor's Centre just gives you approximate directions and distance using your odometer.  There are also GPS co-ordinates, which don't help us.  The roads are soft sand among all of the oil wells and pipes.

We only got to one area and then the power steering went in the car. Last time this happened it was a burst hose and the motor almost caught on fire. This time fortunately, it was the pump we think, as no smoke! Ray will now have to tow the car with the coach into Albuquerque for an appointment Tuesday morning. Good thing we have "jello plans". We will just rent a car and tour Albuquerque while the car is being fixed. Probably take 2 to 3 days. Not sure where we will stay for the duration yet, but there is a casino close to the Ford dealer, where we will stay Monday night.  We'll have to tow the car ... not drive it for the 8 am appointment. I do not have enough muscle to do that very long and it's unsafe!

Outcrop Arch
Pillar Arch
Unnamed Arch


  1. Those breakdowns are sure never convenient. Good luck and safe travels!

  2. At least I could get us home to the coach and not be towed from 10 miles in the wilderness! :)