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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Elephant Butte State Park, Truth or Consequences NM

Stayed an extra day at Alamogordo as Saturday was forecast to rain which it did on and off all day with a thunderstorm in the afternoon. Not the best travel day so we hunkered down and I baked bread instead.

Sunday morning we woke up to lots of fog but were still on the road by 8:30 am and headed for our next destination, Elephant Butte State Park. The drive past White Sands National Monument was so foggy we could not even see any of the dunes, oh well. Once we climbed up through the pass of the Organ Mountains the fog broke and we were able to see the dramatic peaks although still some fog. Very beautiful. Once we started down the other side to Las Cruces it was back to sunny skies.

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A couple hours later we arrived at the South Monticello campsite of the Elephant Butte State Park. The Elephant Butte reservoir/lake is huge even though it's level has gone down as most of the reservoirs in the US. At this campsite you can see the Rio Grande River meandering into the lake. What a gorgeous campsite. There is great site separation between campsites so you feel like you are in your own little world. No problem for the largest of rigs.

Site number 22
View from our campsite with the Rio Grande River tributaries.
Sunset pictures

After setting up and having lunch we decided to take a short drive down the road towards Truth or Consequences and check out a few of the "primitive campsites" nearby. There were tons of spots for truck and campers/tents and a few really good motorhome spots if we so desired right by the lake.

I even noticed these two beauties fishing.

All by myself! What a view.

Yup this spot would do!

We even saw some guys fishing right there.

While Ray was walking Freya along the river he came upon this bush flowering. Do not know what it is. Also I have never seen the creosote bushes so green before, due to the rain that they've had. The desert areas sure are greener this year so far.

Monday we took a drive into Truth or Consequences to check it out. Not much here that interests us. They do have 10 hotspring bath houses you can visit for a price. The nicest place was the Riverside Resort and RV Park with hot pools right on the Rio Grande. We decided that $12 each for an hour's dip was more than we wanted to pay at this time. Friends of ours, Malcolm and Kathy stayed there a week or so ago for a night as a treat. The pictures looked great.

With a lovely day but a little cool it was time to enjoy a campfire while I slow cooked barbecued ribs for our dinner.

Yup working hard cooking the ribs!

The weather is starting to cool for this week to be in the high 50's during the day and mid 30's overnight... time to get to Arizona.

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  1. Ribs yum! We have not had ribs in forever, I think you just inspired us.