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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Homolovi State Park Winslow Arizona

Homolovi State Park apparently contains some Hopi Ruins, so after breakfast Ray and I decided to go check it out. We expected to see more buildings but all we saw mostly was pottery shards. A lovely little walk though to Homolovi I and Homolovi II.

We followed a small dirt road as we thought that there may be some petroglyphs but only found this very interesting rock.

This looks like the kind of rock that they used to build houses under.

There were holes dug everywhere on the mesa, where the houses used to be, by vandals looking for pots.

The mesa's they are referring to is the "Little Painted Desert". There was an old county park that is now defunct with an old set of stairs. Too bad because the vista's are gorgeous. We think that these mesa's were even bigger and more beautiful than Blue Mesa in Petrified Forest National Park. Fabulous colours. What do you think? I found out about this little known place by Trip advisor. Glad we got to see it. It's only 15 minutes up the road from the campsite.  The differing colours in the pictures below were either taken in the late morning or at sunset so the colours in the mesa change.

The old trail into the bottom now all washed apart.
Friday, Remembrance Day we stayed at camp so I could get some laundry and some cleaning done before moving on tomorrow .... a whole hour down the road. For dinner I made braised short ribs for Ray and I. Yummm.

This was for you Steve and Dianne. Wish you were here to share!

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  1. Once again great photos of another interesting area. Now that looks delicious Deb. You can feed us come January...promise! 😜