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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, Alamogordo, NM

Ray and I raised the jacks early on Wednesday, Nov 2 and on our way to Oliver Lee Memorial State Park in Alamogordo, NM. Here are some pictures of the park.

Our Campsite

Looking towards White Sands from our front window at sunset.

 A lovely little campsite nestled against the cliffs.

The purpose pf this location is to visit the White Sands National Monument. However, on Thursday the park was closed from 10:30 to 2:15 so I did our grocery shopping instead.  Periodically White Sands is closed for missile testing as the White Sands Missle Range is just to the north, so today is one of those days. After shopping Ray, Freya and I took the nature trail at the park as a volunteer told us there is a few spring fed pools for Freya to take a dip.

This little spring at one time in the early 1900's filled a 200,000 gallon tank for the original Oliver Lee Ranch. I think the flow now is much less.

Hopefully tomorrow Whites Sands National Monument.

Friday morning we were out the door fairly early at 9am, and on our way to the White Sands. The weather is just not co-operating with being mostly cloudy. Ray did his best getting the pictures. We have been having thunder and lightening for the past 2 evenings with rain overnight. Does not make Freya very happy! The skies were not too bad when we started but the black clouds kept forming around us. Still did not take away from the beauty though.

The road into the park is partly paved and then just the gypsum sand.

Soap Yucca

Freya had a blast running in the sand, up and down the hills.

We even saw some kids having fun sledding down the dunes. You can rent saucers at the visitor centre.

The walkway out into the dunes for wheelchairs.

Another National Monument off the "bucket list". Absolutely beautiful.

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  1. What a beautiful area! Under the right conditions it looks like snow.