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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Government Wash, Lake Mead, Nevada

January 28th - 29th

We left our campsite at 7:30 am at La Posa South LTVA in Quartzsite so we could hit the sani-dump before the line-ups started. (With the show the line-ups were 12 to 24 rigs long most days.) Ray was able to slide straight in and then crossed the road to fill our water tank.

We went over to say goodbye to Dianne and Steve, across the road from us just before we left our campsite. Would have liked to say goodbye to Jim and Barb but thought it was way too early. While at the sani-dump, Jim tracked us down for our final goodbyes. I teased him that he missed our "tater tot extravaganza" that we had for happy hour yesterday with Steve and Dianne. Too bad for him that they were in Blythe getting an oil change! lol  ( I had specifically bought tater tots as he had mentioned they were one of his favorites.) He had me describe the dishes and with his sense of humor, was just like the dog U-Tube video ... ahuh ... and bacon???? ... ahuh and cheese..... Too Funny! Great to see you guys ... had a great time this past month visiting you guys.
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Expression on Jim's face!

Arco was the next stop to fuel up our diesel. Good thing we did as it was $2.42 in "Q" at the Arco and all the rest of the way up the highway it was at least $2.74. The plans were to drycamp in Laughlin up the hill from Harrah's Casino for 3 days. No such luck. When we arrived the parking lot was barricaded up so no go. You could still drycamp in behind the Tropicana Casino. The forecasted wind was up probably gusting to 40mph before we got to Laughlin and was rocking and rolling us down the highway. Ray and I made the decision to carry on to Searchlight, Terribles Casino. What a disappointment. Winds were still blustery and cold and other than McDonalds ... yuck nothing to eat. The casino did have cheap beer but you would have to breath in ton's of cigarette smoke. No Can Do! We did have something to eat anyways at Rotten Ronnie's as we were starving and decided to carry on, an hour away to Government Wash on Lake Mead. Turned out to be a great decision!

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Even though tthe temps were about 55F, same as Quartzsite, without the wind it felt much warmer. With minimal setup we were here! Glad we decided not to stay in Laughlin or Searchlight!

Sunday was a laid back day. Other than breakfast, a walk, and usual dishes and sweeping the floors, we spent most of the day outside sitting in the sun. We did take a short drive down to the water so Freya could have a swim in the afternoon. The lake level is several feet higher than the last time we were here so that was good to see. Lots of people fishing from shore and quite a few boats out on the water. There seems to be far less people camping here this time, but it was November a few years ago that we were here so maybe January is usually too cold? Temps today got upwards of 60F with just a gentle breeze off and on. A great day.

Just love the colours in the hills as the sun starts to go down.

Monday it is shopping day in Henderson. Costco, Walmart etc. Need to stock up before the girls come next weekend. Can't wait.


  1. Can't believe we missed the tatertotfest, unbelievable! Next time...... Love the picture of the dog above!

  2. Looks like a great spot...glad you found some warmth! No, not much at Searchlight but we like it for an overnight stop while traveling.
    Enjoy the sunshine! Safe travels.

  3. Love that video with the dog! Looks like you guys are a long ways away from the lake.

    1. We decided to stay closer to the road in ... less dust on my newly cleaned wood cabinets! Also when we got here we had not decided if we were staying for one day or more.