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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Quartzsite Jan 11 to 14th

I spent most of Wednesday doing chores and cooking. Ray did a few things but his back was still quite sore from our "wild" New Year's Eve. After several days of limited sunshine I had to run the generator for about 5 hours to get our hour meter back to zero! The batteries just do not hold as long when they have not been fully charged and each day they are lower by morning than the day before so I spent the time cooking and making bread so as to not waste the diesel expended. Ray had no problem with that idea!

By 4 pm we decided to take a short trip to Jim and Barb's to see how they were doing as we had not seen them since Dianne and Steve's Happy Hour, a few days ago. Steve and Dianne were already there for a beer tasting event. After a short visit we left them to it and came back home to have our "fish fry".

Another lovely day in the desert. Here is a picture of the full moon that tonight.

Thursday with it being so cloudy, I made slow cooker french onion soup and cabbage rolls. Ray seems to be getting the cold back and hopefully comfort food will help make him feel better. His dad used to eat raw onion sandwiches to fend off a cold, none of those for Ray though.  He didn't have much of a cold when I was so sick at Christmas, but now it seems he has a sore throat and feels "yucky". Hopefully this will be short-lived.

Friday, Ray seemed to feel somewhat better. We took a drive into town to finish walking around Tyson Wells Vendors and I picked up a couple more boxes of firewood. The rain showers that were expected this afternoon just blew away so we decided to have a campfire/happy hour with Dianne, Steve,  Jim and Barb. It was a lovely afternoon spent with great friends.

Jim, Barb, Deb, Dianne and Steve

Saturday we woke up to somewhat cloudy skies and the forecast is for the odd shower on and off today. We shall see. As long as it doesn't rain heavily our spot should not get too muddy. My hummingbird feeders and bird feeders are being well-used. It is nice to see. Today I will have to empty the freezer and let the water line thaw as we are not making ice. This has happened once before so after trying other things like changing the water filter, resetting the ice maker with no success, my last resort is to thaw the water line. It should not take too long and gives me an excuse to clean out the fridge. LOL. What mystery meat shall we have for dinner!

We did have a surprising rain shower about 12 pm but it did not last long .... still waiting to see if the ice- maker will start working. It took me 2 1/2 hours to clean it top to bottom and thaw out the water line. (It worked we now have ice!)

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