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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Friday, 27 January 2017

The Big RV Show opens Jan 21 - 27

Jan 21st

Saturday morning by 10 am since there was no line-up at the sani-dump, it was time to move and empty our tanks today instead of tomorrow. Sunday the forecast is for clouds and showers and today was sunny. Took about 20 minutes to ready the coach to move and off Ray went. An hour later he was back (5 other rigs arrived before he could get there) and we set up again. Glad to have that job done.

At 4pm we went over to Dianne and Steve's for happy hour which Barb Nelson also attended. Her husband, Jim, is currently out of town for a few days. We stayed inside as it was still too windy outside although sunny. Even though we all see each other every day we never seem to run out of things to talk about. Great friends.

Home by 6 and after eating leftovers, we watched TV for the rest of the evening. Another relatively quiet day for us. The big RV show opened this morning but we opted to wait until after the weekend so it is not so busy trying to walk through the big tent. The wind seemed to die down before dark so it was a quiet sleeping night Yeah!

Sunday we woke up to clouds ... no rain yet till this afternoon Ray did some grocery shopping downtown before it gets too busy and then we just hung out inside and watched a movie.

Monday we decided to go to the show bright and early and were parked outside by 8:40 a.m. Not much to see. Some of the vendors that we always saw were not there this year. It seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Lots of RV's for sale and they seem to be making quite a few sales as the inventory seems to change. A lot of the outside vendors seem to be taking smaller stalls, maybe rent is too high. Oh well, we really did not want to buy anything anyways. Even though it was sunny the winds were still up and lufting up the top of the tent. One of the vendor's told me that 2 years ago it actually came apart! Ray and I had planned to eat at the chicken and rib BBQ booth but it was so windy his chicken was not cooking properly so we came home for lunch by 10:30 a.m.

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Here is s google picture of what it looks like from the air. On the far right is Tyson Wells, a separate area for vendors that is open well before and after the show. We like their booths better than the actual show.

We finished off the afternoon with Dianne and Steve, had them over for a happy hour inside with us as it was much too cold outside. Freya did not like the wind banging the slide toppers ... sounded too much like thunder so she crawled onto Steve's lap! Dianne and I tried to encourage her to stay between us on the couch but no such luck!

Save me Uncle Steve!
Tuesday, the sun was out and the wind was somewhat reduced so we were able to spend some time outside today. Ray drove into town to talk with the "stick lady" and said traffic was horrendous. I managed to clean all of the front wood cabinets with pledge. Boy what a difference. Dianne and Steve hosted a happy hour so we all could meet Darrel and Kelly, new full-timers from 150 Mile House, who have been following Dianne and Steve's blog for a few years. Jim was back from his trip so they also came over for happy hour. It was a little blustery outside but Steve had moved his truck as a wind break and Darrel lined his truck up as well. A lovely couple of hours meeting new people. Thanks Dianne for inviting us.

Jim, Ray, Deb, Darrell, Kelly, Steve's knees and Barb

Wednesday we woke up to cold overnight temps of 36F. Ray had a rough night with pain so we were up by 6 a.m.  Glorious stars out at this time of the morning ... too cold to stay outside to enjoy them! Managed to get out and have a walk in the afternoon and then Ray and I set up our chairs behind the rig, out of the wind to spend an hour in the sunshine. Getting excited about moving on and getting to Vegas to meet up with Kristi and Kat.

Thursday another gorgeous sunny day but 33F at 6:30 a.m. burrrrrr. Hung around camp, did some oiling woodwork and made brownie cookies for Ray. We managed to get outside behind the coach for a couple of hours in the sun. At 4pm Ray and I went over to Dianne and Steve's for happy hour while we could still enjoy the sun.

re Our time here is sure winding down fast.

Here is a picture of the sunset we had. Absolutely gorgeous.

Friday, another sunny day but even more wind, 23mph and gusts up to 34 mph. Made for an interesting time folding up the outdoor mats in preparation for leaving tomorrow. First up was doing our laundry before it got too busy downtown. The place was packed ... fortunately it started thinning out when I was ready for a couple of dryers. While I was gone, Ray took down all of my solar lights and hummingbird feeders. When I got back with the laundry it was time to get the coach ready for travel tomorrow.... as much as we could before dinner tonight anyways. We hope to leave by 8am so we can get to the sani-dump before the line-up starts. When I went by this morning at 9am for laundry, there were nine units waiting! When I came back by 11am there were 11 and Ray counted 18 once. Ray went to town and filled up the propane for the Big Buddy ... we have had to use it all day for several days this week instead of just a few hours in the morning as it has been so cold. Car is now loaded and so as long as I get things finished up after dinner, it should not take us too long to get on the road tomorrow.


  1. Great shot of the rig in the sunset! Great seeing you guys and hope to catch up down the road somewhere.

    1. Definitely! We will miss you guys. Too bad you did not get to try my tater tot extraganza! Thanks for tracking us down before we left. Give Barb a hug for us. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks ... we are loving the warmer weather. It still is the same temperature as "Q" but with little wind it has been great so far!