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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Las Vegas with Kristi and Kat, Feb 9 - 12th

Thursday, Feb 9th, we were all up by 6:30 and started packing up at 7:30. Took us only 2 hours with the help of the girls to stow everything away including all of my solar lights. The first time we have used our seatbelts on our couch with passengers. lol Kristi had a little problem with her motion sickness but turning and laying on Kat's lap so she could see out the front window seemed to solve her problem.

Picture by Kat
Arrived at Arizona Charlies by 11 am. We set-up, and then were off to find some lunch. Kristi and Kat wanted to see a Costco down here so we headed a few miles away to the one we had visited while staying at Government Wash. Lunch was great at the Sushi place we stopped at last week near Costco so we took the girls there and they kindly paid for lunch. Being much warmer than forecasted, our supplies of juice etc. was depleted so we stocked back up and headed back to the coach. At 75 F. we just vegged out for a couple of hours inside with the air on!!!! Ray was able to get a hot tub so that helped somewhat with our long day. He is still recovering from our hike yesterday. The girls are such great help with cleaning and stowing the stuff so we don’t all trip over it. Kristi is well-trained from many years of RVing. Dinner tonight is a Costco BBQ’d chicken with salad. I think the girls are going to go to the outlet mall to check it out. Ray and I will have a quiet evening.

I noticed that some friends of ours, Bill and Elke Marriott were here in the park and we ended up 4 sites away from them. As the girls were out, we popped by for a short visit at 6 pm. Surprised the heck out of them.

At 9 pm the girls stumbled in from shopping. Barely able to talk they were laughing so hard. Apparently they went into the wrong coach .... right inside up the stairs  and said hello we are home and then were greated by a bulldog who did not look like Freya and  who luckily was friendly. Lights were off so they thought we had gone to bed. Kat immediately said as she was first up the stairs "this is not our furniture or dog!" They ran out, jumped into the car and moved a few more campsites down the road. Too funny. This is why people should lock their doors!

Friday we were all up by 6:30 am again. Had a leisurely morning with coffee, showers and more laundry. Bill and Elke stopped by for a short gab before everyone got busy for the day. After breakfast burritos were made, dishes done, dog walked, we were all out the door by 10:15 heading to Red Rock Canyon National Recreation Area. Unfortunately it was a pretty grey sky today but the girls enjoyed the drive. It was quite windy as well, so only a view brave rock climbers were seen.

Always laughing together!

Rock Climber

Old Limestone Quarry

Kristi happened to notice a waterfall but when Ray processed the picture there were actually two.

A wash with water actually in it coming across the road.
On the way back we stopped at BJ's Brewhouse for lunch and then headed back to the coach for Ray to rest before tonight's adventure, a special dinner from Kristi and Kat celebrating Ray's belated 60th birthday and then walking through Cesear's Palace.

Notice Kat's mini beer compared to ours. LOL As always the food was great. Next stop home. The girls took Freya to a dog park to wear off some energy for us.

All dressed up in our finest duds we had dinner at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. It was fabulous and the flavours were amazing. Thankyou to Kristi and Jason, and Garrett and Kat as this was our Christmas present. After dinner we did a short wander through Cesaer's Palace to the Trevi Fountain. Ray was done as we had a busy day so we were back home by 8 pm.

Picture from Google showing the restaurant without people.

I found the ceiling and decor fascinating.

Everyone with their fancy margarita's 

Our shared appetizers

Next a short walk in Cesaer's Palace to the Trevi Fountain.

I'm the "bag lady". Kristi managed to shop and buy something in a record 10 minutes!
Walking down the corridors looks like you are outside ... very realistic. Lots of expensive stores on either side.

 Trevi Fountain unfortunately without water as it is being repaired.

A lovely day. Unfortunately Ray is a basket case that even heavy medication is not helping so tomorrow we are at home until dinner resting. 

Saturday morning the girls were out of the coach by 8 am to take a taxi to the Vegas Strip to spend their last day touring. We will meet them at Freemont Street at 5 pm for dinner. It could rain this evening but Freemont Street is mostly under cover so should be okay. Otherwise today will be a quiet day for us and lots of rest for Ray.

The girls have been amazing at helping out, walking the dog and keeping the coach tidy for us. Lots of laughs and they are always happy campers. They sure are great company.

3 pm the girls called and said they were done and it was starting to rain downtown. Ray was still in a great deal of pain so did not mind cancelling going to Freemont Street for dinner. Kristi and Kat took a taxi back and we ordered pizza to be delivered.  Ray ordered their biggest size pizza... 20" and the box looked like a yard er metre,  corner to corner.  Hope everyone is hungry!  It rained quite heavily all night so the choice to stay in was a wise one. Another great day and evening with the girls. We are going to be so sad when they leave tomorrow morning. Freya will miss her playmates. Packing up all of their stuff and new purchases took a bit of time but we were all out the door by 10 am to the airport. 

We will try and see Fremont street and the Bellagio in the next couple of days depending upon Ray's back. He is still pretty sore from our adventures with the girls. If we miss it this time, oh well Vegas will still be here for another time.


  1. Sounds like you had a great visit with the girls!

    1. We had a blast. The girls enjoyed spending time with each other immensely. A great bonding time for all of us and getting to know Kat. Kristi and Kat made sure they did all the dishes for us, walked Freya mostly and would not let Ray do anything without their help. Ray is still recovering from all of the walking we did but getting better each day. A great time was had by all. Kristi had a new fitbit and the girls walked/hiked 110 km in the time they were with us.