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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

More Vegas Feb 13th and 14th

Monday we woke to construction noises across from us in the new subdivision. Oh well, 6:30 am is the time we usually get up anyways. We had a leisurly morning.  I made scones to go with our morning coffee. Ray spent the day mostly on his back in bed and went over for a hot tub in the afternoon. I spent the morning and early afternoon washing bedding and clothes and vacumming up all of the dust and dog hair that had accumulated. It was easier getting it done after the girls went back home and their piles of luggage out of the way. We had the left over pizza for dinner.

Tuesday, Ray was feeling quite a bit better after resting for 2 days so we were off to the Bellagio Hotel by 10:30 am. Another beautiful sunny day. As Kristi had scoped out, our best choice was using Valet Parking so it was easy to park and retrieve the car. It ended up only $8 more than we would have paid for self-parking.

Ray and I checked out the Bellagio Hotel first with their lovely lobby and Chinese Garden celebrating the Year of the Rooster which is my year! Their biggest attraction is the fountain but they had people in a boat doing maintenance on it today. It would look far better at night so we were not too worried about missing it on this trip to town.

The glass flowers and mirrored horse in the Bellagio Lobby.

View of the Bellagio across the famous fountain pool.

The next pictures are of their Chinese Garden celebrating the Year of the Rooster in their atrium. All of the statues are made with hundreds of fresh flowers.

Last but not least was their "World's Largest Chocolate Fountain".

Across the street from the Belaggio is the Paris Hotel where Kristi and Kat stayed for 2 nights before we picked them up.

We also walked by Ceaser's Palace. It is a huge complex. We had dinner there with Kristi and Kat but entered through the parking garage so did not see the outside.

Next we walked down to the Venetian Hotel to see the Piazza. We walked the place with all of the stores along the canal. It would have been nice for a ride but I could see Ray was fading and we still needed to have lunch. I thought to have lunch next to the canal but the only restaurant directly on the canal was a mexican one.

The ceiling in the entrance to the Venetian

The whole Piazza is under this painted sky that looks very realistic. The shops are gorgeous but very expensive ... we just window shopped as we walked by. You could spend hours there if you had the time.

The Venetian's Display for Year of the Rooster.

Back up Las Vegas Blvd towards the Bellagio, I noticed the Guy Fieri Restaurant, so that is where we decided to eat. Unfortunately it was over 30 minutes before our food showed up, so very hard for Ray to sit that long, especially when he was "starving Marvin". My burger was excellent, unfortunately Ray's was very sloppy and he ended up wearing a bunch of it.  Also the pastrami and burger patty was overcooked. Of course this happened when he had already picked up his burger but then I wanted a picture (which Ray said I didn't need) so he put it back down. The burger tipped over on Ray's lap and the next pick up was also not so pretty. Poor Ray, I could not stop laughing as he was wearing his burger sauce on his nose, chin and cheek as well as his pants! I was not very popular at the time.

Image may contain: people sitting and food
You can see the disaster in the background!

The walk back to the Bellagio was very pretty with lots of water features at The Oasis but after walking so much we were bushed so did not stop to take any more pictures. Back home for the rest of the afternoon with Ray watching TV from bed. Freya was not very impressed with us! :)

Thanks for the new hat Kristi, it worked fabulously.

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