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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Pahrump Balloon Festival Feb 25 & 26

This morning we were up early to view the launching of the balloons at the city park. We arrived at 6:15 am and watched them set up and launch for 7 am. What a process. The "pilots" received a 15 minute speil about wind and where they are allowed to land. Next up was the National Anthem so no one actually did anything until about 6:45 am. It was a balmy 34 F. out. I was bundled up like the "Michelan Tire Man"!

Ray took some video and some amazing pictures. It was magical seeing them rise into the air. There were over 30 balloons with their crew. The wind was only 1 mph with gusts of 2 mph the announcer said laughing. Not one balloon the same as the other. Most of the balloons remained overhead for the hour that we watched. Here are some pictures and a 3 1/2 minute video.

Three huge propane cylinders to fuel the balloon.

They have gas powered blower fans to inflate the balloons.

My U-Tube Video, so cool to watch the balloons.

The colours of the balloons are amazing.

Yup bundled up with my hat that a good friend knitted me years ago. Thanks Jean.

This guy landed in the parking lot and I helped hold him down as he changed up passengers.

See the ultra light flying in the upper left hand corner? This was one of two flying around. There was even a drone that was buzzing around the balloons too.

There is a sundog above the balloon., looks like Charlie Brown is grabbing for it!

After resting all day, Saturday night at 6 pm we went back as they have a "glow ceremony" where they flash up the balloons to music. Again, it took quite awhile to get the 11 participating balloons blown up and positioned for the show. They had the bright field lights on for the setup but turned them off for the show.

Next is Ray's video of the lighting of the balloons.  (under 2 min) He had a little trouble focusing with it being dark but it turned out not too bad. Me thinks a camcorder may be in his future ... maybe next year.

All in all it was an unexpected, wonderful event to be able to attend. Even though it was pretty cold outside it was fabulous. The video is nowhere near how good it actually was.

Sunday was spent doing a little shopping in preparation for our departure tomorrow morning. We will be out of constant cell coverage for the next 2 weeks so will have to catch up then.


  1. Very cool! That is another of our bucket list items but have yet to get up in one.

    1. At this festival you only got to go up 10-20 feet tied down so wouldn't be much fun for $10. With you adventurers I would do the Albuqueque Balloon Festival with over 300 balloons the first weekend in October every year. You could crew which seems to be alot of fun (and work) and get a free ride. Check out Wheelin' It's post re Albuqueque as they did it I think last year 2015.

  2. Awesome...would love to see sometime! Great pictures!