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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Valley of Fire Feb 1st - 3rd

 Wednesday morning, we packed up and left Government Wash by 9:15 am and arrived at Valley of Fire by 10:30 am. Good thing, there were only 6 of the 22 electric sites open … no one else left after we got here and the campsite was full again by 1 pm. We managed to get a spectacular site, one of the best I think, and began setting up. Bird feeder’s up, solar lights up, and outdoor kitchen set up.

The day before we left Lake Mead, Ray broke a toothpick between his back teeth and by the time he got it out using needle nose plyers and a metal dental pic, he messed his gums up pretty good. Three days later he woke up with an infection with pain radiating down the side of his throat and up into his face. Fortunately, I had kept a bottle of antibiotics that had been prescribed for him last year when he had crown work done in case he had a problem after we crossed into the USA, but it was not needed. It took about 2 days before it started feeling better. I will make sure we get it refilled by his dentist when we are back in Canada because you never know.

At around 3 pm Ray was just going to walk up the road to the 3 walk-in campsites I had checked out with Freya earlier as they had some neat rock formations and noticed a bunch of mountain sheep on the rocks above the campsite next to us. (Apparently, there were 11 but I never did see the other two.) Within in minutes a lot of campers migrated to that spot to get some spectacular pictures. It was as if the sheep were giving us a photo op on purpose. The came down the rock face and then they all laid down to look at us other than the smallest one … he/she kept eating. They were only 50 feet away from the campsite with all of us watching them. So cool. Apparently they come to that spot most afternoons. I sure hope they show up when Kristi and Kat stay with us.

Thursday, while Ray was walking the campsite for more photo ops, 

I decided to drive down the road to see where we pick up good cell service so we could check the internet. Found that if we drive down to the road up to the Visitor’s Center, with our booster we would be fine. That is only 2 miles from the campsite so not too bad. If I drive the 6 miles to the entrance pay station I get internet just from the phone alone without the booster. (This is an 11 minute drive from camp) We do get cell coverage for phone calls at camp with our booster though so that is good. 

Here are some of the pictures from the walk-in campsites and the rock formations that you can see. Really cool spaces. You can just imagine kids climbing all over these rocks and having a blast.

After lunch, we decided to take the park drive (6 miles) and take a look at all of the different photo ops, whether shots better at sunrise or sunset. Ray and I were amazed all over again with all the colours in the rocks.  

Here is a couple of picture or White Dome Road. Absolutely stunning.

One of the short hikes, called Rainbow Vista, I was unable to do 2 years ago, with my ankle and knee problems so today was the day. What a lovely walk through the sand. Freya had a blast. We were on the trail at 9:30 a.m. and pretty much had the place to ourselves so were able to let Freya run (she was supposed to be on leash). She just loves the soft sand and runs around us 10 times more than we walk! Now we know why they call is the Rainbow Vista. Fabulous.

Once back at camp we had lunch and then I took a run into Overton, 25 minutes away, to get some firewood and picked up a fresh chicken to roast on the BBQ tonight. There were quite a few rigs on Poverty Flats when I drove by and there were several rigs staying at the Overton Wildlife Area. The free areas quite busy this year.

Spent the rest of the afternoon outside enjoying the sun with some clouds. Not as warm today as yesterday so by 3:30 I started the fire and got the chicken on the BBQ. It turned out wonderful. Love my new BBQ that we purchased last spring in Surrey. It cooks beautifully with no flare-ups. No mountain sheep today as it was not hot enough to encourage them to come lay on the rocks and soak up the heat, maybe tomorrow.

Friday, we managed to stay asleep until 6:30 am. Yeah! The girls arrive today in Vegas around 1 pm. Hopefully no problem leaving Vancouver as they are having another “snow event” that started this morning. We pick up Kristi and Kat Sunday morning to bring them back to Valley of Fire. Can’t wait!


  1. Really great red rock pictures!! We have been following for a while but too shy to comment. So cool with the sheep and the rocks. Playmates for Freya!!! Kidding. Enjoy entertaining family at that spot, should be easy with those great views.

    1. Glad to have you along on our adventures. We have been pretty busy with our daughter and daughter-in-law so have not had a chance to reply to you. Safe travels to you.

  2. Awesome spot! Love the pictures of the sheep...very cool!
    Enjoy your time with the girls...have fun!

  3. We just love Valley of Fire. Awesome photos Ray...kind of makes us wish we were there too!