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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Vegas February 17 & 18

Friday we woke to clouds and some rain sprinkles. With it being a rest day for Ray from our long walk yesterday on the strip, Since it was a rainy day, I decided to check out the Las Vegas North Premium Outlet Mall. I found it to be all about purses, shoes, perfume and skinny people designer clothes. Not one kitchen store! Not too impressive. Next I decided to go closer into downtown to the Container Mall that I had heard about. I took some pictures with Ray's phone to show him. It was quite an interesting place for a sunny afternoon or evening as there were lots of bars and food places with a band stage to sit and listen to music. There is even an adventure playground to keep the kids occupied while the adults enjoy a beverage. Out front there was a large metal grasshopper and a heart for people to put locks on. All in all a very interesting way to use shipping containers.

As I still had lots of time on the parking meter and the Container Mall is located only two blocks from the Freemont Street Experience, off I hoofed to check it out for Ray for picture purposes and how long a walk it really is. It would certainly look a lot better at night with all of the neon lights.

Slotzilla Zipline

Anyone want their fortune told?
One of three outside stages beside the Queen's Four Hotel and Casino.

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This is what the ceiling can look like with all of the lights ... so different than during the day. We will definitely go back at night. Ray's pictures will be amazing compared to mine with the phone. :) The Slotzilla Zipline does not open until 1pm as well. The people zip across the ceiling.

After 3 hours of walking, it was time for a brew and some lunch. I chose Hennesy's Bar on Freemont and had Shepherds Pie. Yumm. I started sitting on the patio but the wind came up so I ate inside.

Hennesseys tavern.jpg

While there I watched the people across the street weighing themselves outside of Heart Attack Grill. They advertise anyone over 350 lbs eats for free!

I ate half and took the other half of my lunch home for Ray.
Friday afternoon, after I got back from my trip to town, we received a call from Ford, the car was ready ... 3 days ahead of time. Yeah. We have already paid for a week extra at Arizona Charlie's and still have more to see so we will stay here. The weather everywhere else where we were planning to go is pretty wet and ugly. The storm today zeroed in on Ventura and Santa Barbara with 80 mph winds. Worse storm in 6 years! Fortunately we are not planning to get to Ventura until next Friday and the extended forecast is for minimal wind and sunshine.

A stretch of the northbound 101 Freeway had to be shut down on Feb. 17, 2017, due to heavy rain and mud, authorities said. (Credit: Ventura County Fire Department)
A stretch of the northbound 101 Freeway had to be shut down on Feb. 17, 2017, due to heavy rain and mud, authorities said. (Credit: Ventura County Fire Department)
Yup don't want to be there yet!

Saturday morning we had a lazy start with coffee and Baileys. Later on after Ray took the dog to the dog park between rain showers, French Toast with bacon was next up, Ray's favorite. Today will be a quiet day with all of the rain. Apparently in Red Rock NRA, where we took Kristi and Kat, they have had substantial rain and there are flood warnings even on the Las Vegas strip downtown as there is nowhere for the water to go.  A good day to stay home.


  1. Glad to hear your car is ready early. Usually it's the other way around. With all the crazy weather we are still undecided which route to take back north.

    1. We are kind of undecided at present too. Our original plan was to go to the coast at Ventura CA and stay 5 days at Emma Wood State Park and then move up to Pismo Beach for another 5 days. The decision will be made on Wednesday after checking the 14 day weather. If it is going to be stormy I think we will go south to Palm Springs instead. We do not want rain and wind. We are booked in Del Valle Regional Park as of March 6 for 9 days to visit family in San Francisco so we have nearly 2 weeks to play with ahead of time.