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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Walk in the Woods and Crescent Beach

Monday, June 19th

Ray and I were both tired from all the stuff on the agenda yesterday so decided to take a walk on a trail in a South Surrey Urban Park with Freya before the rain came today. It was nice just to get out into the trees. and walk.  Freya certainly enjoyed all the "new smells" and Ray enjoyed shaking the dust off of his camera! There are quite a few urban parks like this that we have noticed in the Surrey/White Rock area so we will be checking out more of them for something to do.

Since we were so close to Crescent Beach we decided to drive there and have a look around. It had quit sprinkling and was very warm and muggy out. Absolutely flat calm out on the water.

 We took a short walk along the walkway and while Freya and I enjoyed the beach, Ray wandered a short ways down the path snapping a few pictures.

Crescent Beach looking towards the North Shore
Crescent Beach looking towards White Rock

Now which one do I want?

Quite the bird hotel.
Tuesday, June 20th , I took Larny shopping (and let her drive) while Ray went to visit his mum. She was doing much better, ate well for lunch as after 10 days of trying to get her diet changed every time we went to visit her, she finally received  a sandwich with her soup! Of course this did not happen until Monday when Ray had to phone the Clinical Director for the whole hospital again, to have such a small thing changed. Burnaby General sucks with their patient care because of their horrible lack of communication. Daily needs are met once the "health care team" is on the same page. Ray has spent lots of time in meetings trying to straighten things out. Not a very favourable experience for Mum or Ray.

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