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Superstition Mountains, Lost Dutchman State Park, AZ

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Back at Dad's .... same old, same old.

 August 2 - 8th

Back home at Dad's again. When we first arrived back after our 8 days away it seemed we'd been away for a long time. Within a couple of days (Ray says hours) it felt like we've been here forever. Funny how that happens when you get back into some kind of a routine, shopping for Dad, watering, etc. The weather has been quite warm and very smokey. Makes you stay inside a lot.

Being inside a lot .... it was time to make some reservations in Banff National Park. We've decided to leave September 7th and take advantage of the Canada's 150 National Park Celebration which means free entry this year. Hopefully there are no forest fires in that area to impact our decision to go east before south! Dad is fairly healthy at this time, and has a good support system including a great caregiver so we can leave without being too worried.  I've booked to come back for a week at Christmas though, tickets purchased etc. to spend a few days on the island with Kristi and Jason in their new house and the rest of the week with Dad. Fortunately we have great friends, Malc and Kathy who will look after Freya for the week near Phoenix. AZ.

So, we will be staying in Lake Lousie for 3 days and 4 days in Banff then onto Waterton Lakes National Park.  At least that is the plan. Leaving much earlier we hope to get into the USA around the 21st of September and use that extra week to possibly see Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Park. We shall see, as that will be weather permitting. The crazy weather this summer seems to be in the news everywhere this year worldwide so if winter should come early we will be out of luck.

Yesterday, Sunday, it was my day to cook for Dad with Larny's day off, so we hung around the house most of the day,. I did a major clean inside the coach, junking out some cupboards to make room for my inflatable kyak for our upcoming fall/winter excursion. Around 11:30 we decided to check out a local park, Redwood Park, to get out for a walk. What a gorgeous park and is actually somewhat of an arboretum.

The unique forest found at Redwood Park is a legacy of Peter and David Brown, twin brothers born to one of Surrey's earliest pioneering families. In 1893, their father gifted them this large plot of land, logged and ripe for farming. However, the brothers instead filled the vast space with their favourite trees from all around the world. Fully committed to their forest sanctuary, the eccentric duo built a treehouse where they lived in solitude until their deaths in 1949 and 1958. Today, a replica of their treehouse stands in the centre of the park.
Boasting a large forest of exotic trees, over 5 kilometres of scenic nature trails, a wheelchair-accessible playground and several rustic picnic shelters, the park has something for everyone to enjoy.
They had quite a few groups in the several covered picnic areas having summer barbecues and a great play area for kids. There was also a great gravelled trail system to take Freya on.

A water fountain for everyone.

While walking a trail, we came upon a "Faery Garden" where kids were encouraged to make little houses for the Faeries. Very cute. Ray will come back tomorrow morning with his camera to get the pictures.

The Faery Garden:

After our hours walk, Ray surprised me by stopping at a creamery (Moo Creamery) where we had icecream. Yummm. The rest of the afternoon before cooking dinner, we sat  outside under the trees in the back yard to escape from the heat. Although this morning was somewhat clearer skies, the smoke seemed to settle back in by dinnertime but nothing like our friends, Dianne and Steve who are at Tunkwa Lake and have to wear masks while outside.

Monday, Aug 7th

Other than doing a little grocery shopping, and Ray going out to take the above pictures, we had a pretty quiet day just puttering around the coach. Ray's back after the long week's holiday is requiring a bunch of days to stabilize.  Exactly one month to JACKS UP!

Tuesday, Aug 8th

Today I have my final dental appointment for my crown installation. Yuck. At least it will be done before we go.

That pretty much sums up this past week.


  1. Your heading East before South a week before we head West before South. Perhaps our paths will cross.

    1. Where are you guys located? We are booked into Lake Louise Sept 10 - 12 and Banff Trailer Park Sept 13-16. Then off to Waterton Lake NP for a couple of days. Plan to cross into the USA Sept 21. PS. You should set your comments to publish after you review it in case you get spam. That means no one can add info to your blog without your permission. Also friends of ours Living the Dream have an informative blog as well. They also follow "Love Your RV" who are Canadian and have lots of info. For solar installs and fixes Quartszite AZ is the place to go and quite a bit cheaper even with the exchange.

  2. Being hunkered down for so long sure gives you hitch itch! That's an interesting park.

    1. Yes it was nice to see something new. There are a few more parks in the area that we will have to check out, especially since the weather is cooler and a lot less smokey!

  3. Good call visiting Banff and Yellowstone later in the year. We love those parks but not during peak season, by the time you get there it should be a little quieter with the kids back in school.